Atlus Working on Game of Thrones RPG.

HBO and George R.R. Martin announced that they've got 3 different Game of Thrones games in the of them an RPG being published by Atlus.

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Drazz2321d ago

WOOOOOOO!!!!! I am excitement!

VampiricDragon2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

atlus as a publisher couldnt sink any lower than they are right now

rdgneoz32320d ago

How are they worse than others as a publisher? I know I love the Demons' Souls (Atlus published) collectors edition more than the Dark souls (Namco) one (physical vs DLC crap that had problems for several days and then you got a half a$$ "mini guide").

Hell 3D Dot Hero and Catherine were both published by Atlus and those were both great. Don't remember then trying to extort people over DLC like other companies (hell, Capcom is selling cheat codes....).

rdgneoz32320d ago

yep, "Game of Thrones, a role-playing game from developer Cyanide Studio and publisher Atlus"

haawaltevi19762320d ago

Did you guy know it's open beta already? You can get codes there: (remove the X)