BootHammer: Top 10 Gaming Girls (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

Join AngryXboxGuy and “The Rattlesnake” from as we venture in to the Top 10 Hottest Gaming Girls!

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SockeyBoy2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

They have video games in Texas?

OT: Not a bad list actually that last shot of Jess is smoking.

@ crXss: Your vid doesn't seem to be working.

crxss2444d ago

ha such a weak presentation but i definitely agree with #1. this is how awesome sara jean is -

Bolts2444d ago

This vid would've been better without the voices of these two rednecks.

AngryXboxGuy2443d ago

@Bolts -- If your really listening to us talk then you my friend have some major issues!