Witch of Your Friends Are on Call of Duty: Elite?

Kotaku - Apparently, Brian Crecente is. I haven't used Elite yet. I know it has friends lists, a feed, and notifications. Does it have a #corrections tag?

This is why it's in beat, folks—beta, I meant beta.

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Dark_Overlord2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Just proves how illiterate Kotaku's writers are,

it's which not witch

Tired2441d ago

I presumed it was a late halloween submission.

mike_d_2440d ago

That's exactly what i was about to say,but apparently someone beat me to it!

Motorola2440d ago

Look at the picture in the's not a spelling mistake..

Kaizin5142440d ago

Read the comments on Kotaku to know why, instead of bashing Kotaku.

MysticStrummer2440d ago

No. They either can't spell or they don't know what day it is.

Kaizin5142440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

How about seeing that it was Call of Duty Elite that spelled it wrong, check out the Kotaku post again. They took screenshots of the mess up on the website and they are bashing the typo. They did it on purpose.

Yet, everyone dislikes my post instead of GOING TO KOTAKU and reading the comments there.

HannibalBarca2440d ago

What's with all the COD articles from them, I know the game is new, but it's like that's all they are writing about

HeavenlySnipes2440d ago

I lol'd at the very obvious spelling mistake