Final Fantasy X Moments to Relive in the HD Remake (with Videos)

GameDynamo - "Tidus' journey in Final Fantasy X was unlike any other Final Fantasy before it. It was Final Fantasy's first foray onto the PS2, a fully 3D world, as well as the first in the series to feature voice-acting. The cutscenes were gorgeous, and the journey through Spira was one many gamers still recall fondly. With the recent announcement that the game would be getting a full remake in HD glory for the PS3 and Vita, I wondered, what are the top moments I look forward to re-experiencing in the game? Here it goes, and be warned, THERE ARE SPOILERS!"

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Bleucrunch2325d ago

smh they can take the time to make a remake or HD whatever they call it...but we have to wait a crap load of time for versus 13 and their I say it Kingdom Hearts 3...why do I even bother when they release those games....the hype would be all but gone by then.

Capt-FuzzyPants2325d ago

Not every single person in the whole company can work on two games if your as big as SE. ON eteam works on Versus one team works on 13-2 One team works on KH one team works on FFX. Sometimes people will work on more than one. More people on one game won't make the procees go any quicker.

Grip2325d ago

the problem is not the waiting that's fine by me. but the keep going release a spin off Kingdom Hearts and FF. so how the hell u gonna continue develop a Kingdom Hearts 3 and FFV13 with other 5 games u gonna develop.. srsly SE need new CEO and Management

MAiKU2325d ago

Core people crucial to the Kingdom Hearts Series are currently working on FF versus and KH:3DS. As far as KH 3 goes that won't happen until after KH:3DS and KH: Birth by Sleep Vol. 2

Bleucrunch2325d ago

If more people work on something it wont help move the process along quicker??? I don't know about that one bro 2 hands are always better than one...I am just really feening for kingdom hearts 3 I don't really care about versus since its a new IP in a sense...I don't know what to look forward to.

Capt-FuzzyPants2325d ago

I'm trying to say that too many people is a problem. More people is good but there is a point where it can get too unorganized and chaotic.

Bleucrunch2325d ago

Yes you are right...I do believe that too many chefs spoils the recipe...but I feel that SE is just ridiculous at this point...all these spin offs make me think they are just trying to milk things...its a crime as far as I am concerned.

360ICE2325d ago

This game had some kick ass mini games. Kinda makes me wonder what could be done with some PS Move enhancements, but yeah great game.

DA_SHREDDER2325d ago

Good mini games is right. It would be sick if they actually enhanced those games with more than just a graphical upgrade. Can't wait for this game though. It was the last good FF ever created.

Marceles2325d ago

Blitzball was fun as hell to play, especially when you get good enough to play it on manual. Being so strong that you could do full court goals was the best lol...

Blaze9292325d ago

this article actually helped me remember how freaking great this game was. It was my first PS2 game. Now I'm hella pumped for the HD remake to come out! Cant wait.

That intro in Zanerkand - one of the most badass videogame openings ever.

tieryas2325d ago

Blaze 929, funny, I had the same feeling writing it (as it brought back lots of memories). Thanks for the note!

tigertron2325d ago

FFX is one of my favourite FF games so I hope it gets the best treatment. No need to remake the FMVs though because they looked brilliant anyway, and in HD they will be even better.

I can't believe its been 10 years since it came out...

swinesucker2325d ago

This game is nigh unplayable for me with some of the worst VA I have ever heard for a game of this caliber, utterly laughable script, and music that is also pretty awful to go along with the non international? version. NO THANKS.

josephayal2325d ago

FFVS-13 and FFX hd remake day 1 for the Xbox 360

Razongunz2325d ago

don't shoot me if i'm wrong...

but FFX remake was announced for ps3 and psvita.. never heard of a 360 release

and i KNOW FFVS-13 won't be on 360...that game is a ps3 exclusive.

then again u might just be trolololol'ing me and in that case i totally fell for it, haha.

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