Here’s One Way to Save Some Money on the Latest Call of Duty

Kotaku - I love the series. I think Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 inches the franchise forward. I'd even tell a friend to buy it. But I still El Oh Eled when I saw this over on Reddit. 3000dollarsuit writes: "Just saved myself $90 :D"

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Bleucrunch2327d ago

I know one way to save money...DON'T buy the game...just rent it...a new COD comes out every single year...if you are educated in anyway you will realize this and strongly consider it....or maybe I don't know what I am talkin about....could be!

Majin-vegeta2327d ago

I just spit my apple juice all over my screen after reading that thanx alot Mezzo xDDDD.

PS3Freak2326d ago

Damn it I was 1 day and 1 hour too late with my witty remark. Clearly it was not as witty as I thought.

2326d ago
Grimhammer002326d ago

Another way to save money with mw3.....get it and become as addicted as the rest of us! you'll buy less games and that'll save you loads of cash.

(it'll destroy the industry...just like it is happening now.)

But Mw3 is really good and fun! LOL

Lord_Sloth2326d ago

I'm saving $60 on it because I'm not getting it.

GraveLord2326d ago

Good luck seeing the ending of MW3.
Good luck playing Spec Ops survival.
Good luck finding non-hacked matches.

cpayne932326d ago

Who cares about the ending?

2326d ago
Pikajew2326d ago

I never bought a CoD and never will. If I won the lottery I would buy all of them.

Brownghost2326d ago

You don't make sense? This is your sentence " I hate COD and will never buy any of them but if I had a lot of money I would buy all of them"

Pikajew2326d ago

I wont buy them because there are better games. And I only like the campaign of them I wont spend 60$ on a 6 hour campaign I will play once.