IGN - Do Gamers Reject Innovation?

IGN - The game business keeps churning out the same ideas. Are we all to blame, for buying the same stuff year-after-year?

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lugia 40002297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

No. They promise innovation, but its just taking the old garbage back.

Bleucrunch2297d ago

COuldnt have said it better myself bro....they lie and then when they release the game lie some more to try and cover up the and point every single madden game since 2008 LOL

papashango2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Don't know why this is coming from ign. As long as publishers are able to buy review scores through ad revenue, innovation is put on the back burner.

I said before that the lowest these big sites would give cod is an 8.5. looks like I was right when you look at gamespots score

ABizzel12296d ago

Yes gamers reject innovation, because they fear spending $60 on a game that's not a 9/10.

Review score and familiarity are the be all of 90% of gamers these day. If it's not familiar then it's on the back burner for buying. If it's not familiar and it doesn't get an average meta of 90+ then it's a no buy. That's the simple mindedness of gamers these day, and it's somewhat understandable due to games costing $60 a pop brand new, which in turn is the developer/ publishers fault.

I agree that if you're going to bring out a new franchise it better be kickass the first go around, or it won't stand out amongst the already established icons.

This gen Bioshock, Uncharted, Gears, and Mass Effect are the New IP's to do this.

If you lack innovation then used a media icon, and make a solid game like Batman: AA/AC.

But if you innovate it has to be something brand new, and not a minor tweak of something we've played before. The graphics have to be top quality for some people to even give it a glance. And finally it has to set the bar higher for the genre it's in.

If you're not doing that then your game will be overlooked.

NYC_Gamer2297d ago

why doesn't IGN call out certain titles for lack of innovation instead of just dishing out high scores

news4geeks2296d ago

because mr. kotick would have them castrated.

ginsunuva2296d ago

What's there to castrate?

Jobesy2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Again, people unfairly attacking COD and Acti. How about calling out Nintendo for all their recycled games from 25 years ago? How about calling out Microsoft for all their recycled games? The only one innovating and still coming out with new ips as well as sequels is Sony.

Bleucrunch2296d ago

Yup and that is certainly true bro...but Activision gets the spotlight on this because they are spending that bread to gain that they have to lay in the bed they made.

Shojin12296d ago

If anything we embrace it. Its what we look for when a new game is launched.

OhMyGandhi2296d ago

unfortunately, innovation has a niche market.

Kingdom Come2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Well, I hope Gamer's DO reject this article an refuse IGN the hits they so desperately desire for this article. They churn out undeserving scores to some of the least innovative titles going *CoughModernWarfare3Cough* and then have the nerve to accuse gamers of rejecting innovation.

Might I suggest that possibly the casual Market purchase low innovation titles such as COD because you (IGN) review them highly despite their huge recycling and lack of new and original features and they no less...? All I can say is thank god I follow the games industry and know the games to avoid (COD Sequels) and the games deserving of purchasing (Gears of War 3, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Uncharted 3 etc.)

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