Did Treasure Hunters Find Sir Francis Drake’s Final Fleet? Will This Affect Uncharted?

Alexa Ray Corriea of Dualshockers writes, "Uncharted‘s Nathan Drake could be thrown for a loop, depending on if and how the game’s writers take into account the latest log in the saga of Sir Francis Drake."

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WhiteLightning2441d ago's not like he actually did find El Dorado and faked his death

Did his body go missing like...was he never found in real life ?

alexaray2441d ago

In the article I mention that he died at the age of 55 and was buried at sea in the Caribbean. His body was never found -- until now, maybe.

n4gisatroll2441d ago

I don't think this will affect the series. They probably will never mention it, and may never look for a Sir Frances Drake treasure anymore. It just seems to me that they are moving away from just Sir Frances Drake and his adventures.

WhiteLightning2441d ago

Well in the game they found his body anyway...