Need for Greed: Is This the Worst Generation of Gaming?

Wes C of writes

"On paper this generation of gaming should be etched into history as “the one where it all began.” In fifty years time our grandchildren should look back on this gen and wonder what it was like when we were first able to watch movies on demand via a home console. The sad realisation is that despite all the marvel and grandeur, this generation has become tainted with lies, misleading propaganda and fleecing of the uninformed public."

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NYC_Gamer2361d ago

the nickle and dime era of gaming

Blaze9292360d ago

I don't think it's so much nickle and diming/greed but just how hard the times are in this economy today.

Games cost more and more to make yet no one, NO ONE has risen the prices of games from the usual $59.99 MSRP. Let a few of the 'big' companies come together with that idea and they could have easily introduced a trend of $69.99 or maybe even more for games.

Even first party games, unlike last gen, are the same price as third party games.

used game sales/2nd hand buying are rising more than ever. The success of services like Redbox show this. Piracy is still piracy. All things things coming into factor a publisher's/developer' s profit yet they only thing they COULD have changed, hasn't yet - game prices.

retailers for retail space

So instead of raising prices on games, they have to find other ways to make money. Online passes, dlc disc unlocks etc. I don't like online passes but hey, as long as so and so keeps pumping out good games I was probably going to buy it new anyway.

just my two cents.

Ulf2360d ago

Retail squeezing every dime from publishers and gamers alike produces this result.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2360d ago

Perhaps. Devs are abandoning there creativity in favor of making money. And I get that it's a really competitive industry. But I think game devs should have more faith that a gamer will buy a game that's different and fun and not just pull out there Cod cookie cutters or spam us with ridiculous dlc. Resistance is my fave fps this gen but it abandoned it's roots and became a cod clone. And no I don't care how fun arkham city is I will not be buying any dlc for it. AND STOP SLAPPING MP ON GAMES THAT DON'T NEED IT!!!!!!

iPad2360d ago

Yes. It's gone too mainstream. Thus, developers become money whores, and gamers, mostly kids, take it too seriously.


DonaldBeck2360d ago

what pissis me off about this gen is looking online for a game and seeing like 5 different pre-order bonuses! walmart, target, gamestop, amazon, everyone!

steve30x2360d ago

I agree. I wish all the pre order bonuses were the same or better yet non existant.

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