New DS Viva Pinata info dug up from Rare

Members of the Rare team working on Viva Piñata for DS have divulged early details about the game over at the developer's official site.

Pocket Gamer has all of the details.

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BrotherNick3954d ago

I'm such a casual gamer >.>; so gonna get this. I played it on Xbox and thought it was a neat concept.

Prismo_Fillusion3952d ago

It was a fun game - very Sim____-esque. It's too bad most 360 owners only care about either Madden or FPS games... :/

marcellizot3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

That must make me the other person that bought it on the 360 (I even bought the special edition with the fancy box and bonus DVD).

I agree it is a great concept and really good fun, shame nobody bought it, if it had been on the Wii it would have sold by the truck load. Great avatar by the way.