Nintendo of Europe Shines, While NoA Drops the Ball

Carl B. of writes, "I've been openly critical of Nintendo in the past, saying the publisher as a whole is incredibly out of touch with the gaming public. After a recent announcement and some rumors concerning a certain Wii game, I'll have to amend that previous observation. Nintendo is still out of touch, but Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo of Europe are considerably less so compared to Nintendo of America."

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Moduserous2322d ago

I'm about to trade my Wii in. It's been collecting dust for over a year now.

Desert Turtle2322d ago

Well, to be fair, there have been a ton of great games to come out from the start of 2010 to now. Just not a whole lot this year.

lizard812882321d ago

Actually, 2010 (Jan) Had No More Heroes 2 & TvC. Both got released on the same day too. I picked both up. Then there was nothing. Then Monster Hunter Tri, then nothing again, until the holiday season, then we got DKCR, Sonic Colors, Epic Mickey.

2010 was the best year for the wii....which is sad it took until 2010 to start getting good games,and then in 2011, all support has been dropped.

Bleucrunch2322d ago

Yo my Wii has been picking up dust for 3 years now or so...the last time I turned it on was for smash bros BRAWL which was a complete disappointment in my opinion....the next time I will turn it on is when the new zelda comes out...either than that...its 271 bucks that I wasted and that I will NEVER get back! SMDH!

LiamIRL822322d ago

Your gonna trade in ur Wii with Skyward Sword out next week. Don't do it!!!

mike1up2322d ago

Don't do it! Zelda comes out this month!

ChickeyCantor2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

The collecting dust exaggeration is getting old...too old. Like unattractive old.

And do it, trade it in. Cause you never had one to begin with.

If it's collecting dust for 3 years, what made you decide to "turn it in" just now?
The logic is so backwards and attention seeking.

matey2321d ago

My ps3 collected so much dust i just put it in the bin it was too dirty to clean and i couldnt afford the industrial cleaners to do the job so in the bin with that then and this was in 2008 plus stop comparing wii to ps3 the wii is a ED console the ps3 is a HD beast that doesnt quite do real HD funny isnt it the WiiU is the real HD console 1080p Native with better graphics as its like 5x the power of ps3 in terms of graphics and cpu

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Sidology2322d ago

This just in: Nintendo hates America and loves Europe and Japan.

Canary2322d ago

They're three separate entities. Nintendo has been kind of sucky all around lately, but NoA is by far the worst offender. It's not that they hate their loyal consumers, they just don't give a flying **** about us.

gumgum992322d ago

lol, I know right? Its like Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe traded places with each other. Is America, like, the new Europe now?

Troll-without-Bridge2322d ago

Seems like Square-enix europe is also a lot better than the NA counterpart.

ronin4life2322d ago

Is NoA really as autonomous as we all seem to assume? I really think this is a corporate decision designed to maximize profits on a whole, and per region.
I wouldn't give up hope for an American release of these products just yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.