CoD:MW3 - The Same or Different

After playing CoD:MW3 it just seems to be the same game with a little bit better graphics. Campers are everywhere and half the players can't spell TEAMWORK!

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JoeyPizzolato2447d ago

All these games have been the same to me, albeit different bells and whistles, which is probably why I never got into the franchise in the first place.

Bolts2446d ago

You ain't missing a damn thing.

princejb1342446d ago

its a bit different from the rest of em, not entirely the same as people make it out to be

xshadowb2447d ago

I'm not really a fanboy of the CoD franchise, but I enjoy the single player and play the multiplayer with my friends for competitive reasons. Other then that I play all types of games; Mass effect, Dragon age, Battlefield, Uncharted, and some strategy games as well.

JLesinski2447d ago

Nailed it. Honestly the only people who will stick with this game are the fanboys. This one sounds like the death of a once great franchise

swishersweets200312446d ago

Same shit new coat of paint. Paints a ugly color too.

Psychotica2446d ago

I wish I could but I just can't get interested in MW3..

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The story is too old to be commented.