Ghostbusters: First multiplayer details

The Ghostbusters game, due for launch next year on just about every format except PSP, will feature the a Ghosts vs Busters multiplayer mode and ghost-catching face-offs on PS2 and Wii.

Ghosts vs Busters will throw two teams of players together, one trussed up with proton-packs and khaki boilersuits as the Ghostbusters team hunting down a team of slime-launching disapperating ghosties. Ghost-catching modes will, clearly, be races or contests to see who can catch-'em-all quickest.

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lynx1halo3801d ago

This game should be greatly received no matter what kind of Fanboy you are.....

games4fun3801d ago

the 360 and ps3 with better graphics than the ps2 and wii version hopefully they have at least two divisions

one division working on ps2/wii textures and graphics
second division working on 360 ps3 textures and graphics

lynx1 ill give a bubble to that comment

Azurite3801d ago

The ps2/wii version will look completely different with a toon-style look.

Azurite3801d ago

I'm hoping it's community-friendly for some community mods and maps on PC.

Pain3801d ago

Hmmm? No luck ? hear try this.

Cant Wait for this Game.........Put self in freezer till Release day...brrr

xionpunk3801d ago

In multiplayer, if you cross beams does it burn your face off?