Interview: Yoshinori Ono on Street Fighter X Tekken, fighting games

Gematsu: "At the New York Comic-Con last month, we sat down with legendary Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono to talk Street Fighter X Tekken and the fighting game genre."

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xtheownerzx2446d ago

looking forward to the game!

Bleucrunch2446d ago

me too but I will be that when street fighter x tekken special champions editions ex+a comes out then I know that is the actual game they wanted to release....seems to be Capcoms modus operandi now a days!

a_bro2446d ago

im afraid of buying this game just for the simple fact that capcom can come out of nowhere and rip us off with a "SUPER DUPER ULTIMATE" version...

zero_cool2445d ago

I hope there's more gameplay footage soon!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!