Develop - Nintendo working on Wii U support for two tablets

Develop-Online: Console specs still in flux, but sources say Nintendo now has ambitions for touch-screen multiplayer.

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Shackdaddy8362441d ago

I am so incredibly confused.

First I hear it can only support 1
Then I hear it can support multiple but you can only buy one
Then I hear you can buy separate controllers
Then I hear it only supports 1 again
Then I hear it supports multiple
And now I'm hearing they are developing support for 2

2441d ago
maniacmayhem2441d ago

You sure get easily confused over nothing.

The system is in its very early infant stages. Just wait until you hear official specs from the source.

Shackdaddy8362441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Well when I say incredibly confused I mean I just don't know. Just like when people say "lol" they aren't actually laughing out loud :P.

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darklordzor2441d ago

I don't know why they wouldn't be working on this. I'm sure they're trying to get it figured out just to make people happy and ensure a larger audience. Plus that way they can then make different colored tablet controllers and sell them separately.

2EHO2441d ago

The console will have to be powerful to do this. It will drive up the cost of the console. IMO nintendo can't launch this console for more than $400. That's the magic number.

ChickeyCantor2441d ago

Like many games today, MP = graphical fidelity down.

Most games do splitscreen as well, so why not on the tablet?

Voxelman2441d ago

with splitscreen you are still outputting the same resolution (each player gets half teh screen) for the Wii U each aditional tablet will add another screen's resoultion and the usual increase in the number of unique assets that need to be displayed (which is why spltscreen usally comes with lower quality visuals and lower framerate).

And then there is the fact that there will need the console's Wifi (or whatever wireless spec they will use to stream video to the screens) which has to be fast enough for at least 30fps video with low latency per screen without interferance. When you add probable wifi for internet, blutooth for up to 4 controllers (2 tablets plus two people with Wiimotes/CCP)that is a lot of different wireless signals for one device.

ChickeyCantor2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

U-Tablets resolution is not the same as the tv output.

No developer is restricted to use the optimal resolution of the tablet. No developer was restricted to use the 720p output of both PS3 and 360 ( some went lower )

Splitscreen works no different.
It isn't working with unique assets. There are no "camera's" in 3D nor do you move the player( well in some games you do lol). What happens is that you move the whole world by applying a certain projection. It's still the same world.
Yes it needs to render twice as many PIXELS, but it's probably going to render on a different resolution anyways. If not the assets will be downgraded and you will hardly notice it on the tablet ( smaller screen so fewer details to follow)

"(which is why spltscreen usally comes with lower quality visuals and lower framerate). "
This applies for the tablets as well. right?

The signals of different kind are irrelevant. Why would they use signals that interfere with each other? You're all up close to the console, you aren't playing it from a far.

admiralthrawn872441d ago

i cant wait for the wii u. however i sort of think they did bad announcing it so early with so many undetermined details. a lot of people hear early specs and never get into their heads that things change. unfortunately i'm sure theres a lot of people that still think its just a new wii controller.

they should have unveiled it along side the other 2 companies at this years e3. then it wouldnt have seemed like old news by the time all 3 come out

callcollectplz2441d ago

It would be nice to bring one tablet to another persons house and have more connectivity options. Maybe 3DS compatibility in the future?

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