Fable – The Journey: Our Concerns Over Kinect

GameBandits asks the question will Kinect only Fable - The Journey leave a nasty taste in the mouth of long suffering Fable fans?

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StifflerK2446d ago

It depends - I've been a fan of Fable since the beginning and have enjoyed every installment.

Fable 3 seems to have had a mixed reception - some people (like me) loved it, but some didn't, for what the game gained in a more focused story , it lost in freedom.

As for Fable Journey - most of the backlash I've seen seems to be linked to a general dislike for Kinect itself, not the game.

Personally speaking - all I'd want from Fable: The Journey is to be a good game made with the same creativity and sense of humour as the previous games.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2445d ago

I also loved Fable 3. Love the franchise. Their isn't many games that have living worlds full of life like Fable. I'm not to keen on the whole Kinect thing tho'. I was disappointed when I heard that the next Fable was going to be a Kinect title. Something tell me it's going to suck big time. Hopefully I'm wrong or this will be the first Fable I don't buy.

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legreffer2445d ago

"Kinect is not for me because it requires me to stand…"

Journey will be playable sitting down.