Kotaku: Should You Buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? Yes.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the Madden of this generation, a video game that manages to soak up so much money, attention and time that it transcends the medium.

But just because everyone else is buying Infinity Ward's latest military shooter doesn't mean you should, right? Lets see.

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Sub4Dis2262d ago

Should you pay any attention to what the people at Kotaku think? No.

darthv722262d ago

Will diehard fans of MW buy it? Yes
Will those who hate it? No
Will people defend this game like crazy? Yes
Will people slander this game like crazy? Yes
Will both sides be right? No

Well, actually on that last part it is questionable. Those who like the game will feel they are right to like it while those that think the game sucks will feel like they are right.

Its just the typical coin toss approach. There will always be two sides to every coin.

lugia 40002262d ago

Did Kotaku get payed? Yes.

darthv722262d ago

by advertising revenue. If you think they get a cut of the proceeds for every copy they convince people to buy....sadly but no.

ViperX22262d ago

Do you know how to spell paid? No.

-Alpha2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

I should buy MW3

All glory to MW3

Hicken2262d ago

Sorry, but not one of them said anything that would make me spend my money on MW3.

Answer is still no.

Genghis2262d ago

but, it's fun. why not?

consolez_FTW2262d ago

Won't buy MW3 because I made a choice to not buy anymore COD's after MW2. But the most major reasons I can't buy MW3..

Saints Row 3
Metal Gear Solid Collection
Uncharted 3
plus I already have a Battlefield 3 which will last me a long while.

Hicken2262d ago

Because I don't find fun in just how easy, or how cheap, Call of Duty has become. Black Ops lasted about a week before I got bored, while I at least played MW2 for a few months. Given the formula is virtually the same- and that cheap things like that heavy auto-aim, noob-tubes, and other things- I doubt that trend will change.

Most other sequels may have the feel of their predecessors, but there's enough of a difference that you can tell it's not the same game. Not so with CoD.

And, frankly, with the likes of UC3, BF3, Skyrim and others out or soon to be out, I have options- to me, at least- that are more worth my cash.

Fortunately, I work at a game store, so I can check out a copy and see how much has changed. Otherwise, there's no way MW3 would ever be in my system.

NarooN2262d ago

Fun is subjective. I don't find the same thing to be fun. I usually hate repetition. The last Madden game I bought was Madden 2005.

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