1 vs. 2: Modern Warfare Debate - Which MW3 Predecessor Reigns Supreme?

PlanetXbox360: "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare wasn’t the initial first-person military shooter to take place in the present. However, it was the first modern day military FPS to demand the attention of the gaming public. Sure, there were other popular military focused shooters on the market, but none sold like Call of Duty 4. Gamers flocked to the customizations, perks, game modes, maps, and 60 frames per second that Call of Duty’s entrance into present day would bring with it. The game was even making Halo 3 sweat on the Xbox Live activity charts, with the two games regularly switching between 1st and 2nd place.

When Modern Warfare 2 was announced, the gaming community’s excitement could have provided the power for third world countries. Infinity Ward released a game they believed to be an upgraded, polished, an overall improved Modern Warfare game. There is much disagreement as to which is the better game: Modern Warfare 1 or Modern Warfare 2? To settle the argument once and for all, PlanetXbox360’s News Editor, Alex Osborn, will be taking on PlanetXbox360’s Head News Writer, Zach Pint. Alex will be arguing for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, while I (Zach) will defend the good name of Modern Warfare 2. Let the debate begin!"

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LaurenKB1232421d ago

For me it's the first one for sure...

r1sh122421d ago

I agree COD4: MW1 is the best.
@Acharlez, the way I look at it, MW3 is what MW2 should have been.

Also I have noticed the voice chat on the 360 is the same as it was in MW2, but since then Microsoft has changed the voice chat codec to some new HD one, as well as the recycled buildings..
I dont understand why they have made these choices, MW3 is a decent game (so far from early signs)....

alexcosborn2421d ago

Without at doubt COD4! I wonder how MW3 will stack up in comparison

STICKzophrenic2421d ago

Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare is STILL the best Call of Duty game to date.

I was playing the MP last night, and I had way more fun than I ever did playing any of the newer CoD games.

I love the balance and the simplicity of it.

Motorola2421d ago

How about them grenades?

Motorola2421d ago

In COD4. You really cant tell me that they are balanced right? If you say that, you are out of your mind.

bozebo2421d ago

CoD 4... especially on PC.

DonaldBeck2421d ago

modern warfare 1. people at gamestop these days (went there today) have no idea what makes a great sequel.

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