"Good News" Coming Later This Week to Xbox LIVE Preview Program Participants

For those already in the Xbox LIVE Preview Program, you might have some good news heading your way, potentially in the form of another update. Microsoft's Major Nelson drops some hints on the new preview program.

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Dorwrath2145d ago

They will get access to the Mass Effect 3 demo.....oh wait.

illtownNJONE2145d ago

I hope its not the actual beta release

Shojin12145d ago

Looks good. The dashboard for the 360 needs smaller icons placed differently. I look forward to seeing this over the holidays.

gamingdroid2145d ago

gah! Later this week?

I need it naow!

... oh well, MW3 will keep me busy.

DeathAvengers2145d ago

New dashboard looks sooo sexy.