Special PlayStation Move Peripheral In The Works For BioShock Infinite

PushSquare: "When Ken Levine announced PlayStation Move support for BioShock Infinite at this year's E3, it seemed more like a statement of intent than anything else."

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Tired2301d ago

Will it be a glove? Called it!

SilentNegotiator2301d ago

Whatever it is, it doesn't look like they meant to announce it yet.

It now just says "And prepare to head to Columbia in 2012, the city in the sky featured in BioShock Infinite, as you attempt to save a girl named Elizabeth from the ominous Songbird in this stunning vision of a parallel future"

WooHooAlex2301d ago

I think I'll still prefer playing Infinite with a DS3, but I bought a Move for LittleBigPlanet 2, so it will be nice to at least have the option.

Game4life2301d ago

big daddy drill for the win

gamingdroid2301d ago

So is that an add-on like a Wii plastic thing, or is this a customized PS Move controller?

GoldenPheasant2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

The only issue that I have with moves design is that they should have never had a navi. It should have been that the wand had an analog stick, and certain games would require simply two wands. This would allow for the motion of both arms to be tracked all while still having the ability to move with one of the two analog sticks, and giving players the option which one. The only downside is that the sharpshooter, which im a huge fan of, would have to be significantly different to accomodate two wands.

This better not be anything goofy Sony, I like you, but I hold nothing back in calling a shit move shit if warranted.

kneon2301d ago

I've made the same suggestion, it would have been a much more versatile controller with the analog stick on the Move. But it also would have raised the cost which is likely the reason they didn't do it.

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