Uncharted 3 Review - Unwinnable

Uncharted 3 might have more in common with the Crystal Skull. See Stu Horvath on Unwinnable.

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disturbing_flame2414d ago

"Drake’s Deception certainly looks good, but it takes a long time before the settings inspire the jaw to drop."

i loled.
Just from the beginning it's kicking hard.

kikizoo2414d ago

"Unwinnable" who ? :)

more than 30 10/10, enough said...

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Amiz2414d ago

I agree that the beginning of U3 wasn't as exciting as U2's beginning. But was it meant to be? Uncharted 1 started with a simple conversation between Sully, Nate and Elena. And that was a good beginning too. They dont need to be exciting and action pacled to be good introductions.

I'm not afraid to admit I liked U2 more than U3. But I wouldn't call U3 worthy of only a 3/5. The only problem I had was with some glitches (did anyone else have the problem of the water randomly turning pink in the boat level?) but they are only minor issues that will be fixed with the patch. I think Naughty Dog mentioned being disappointed that the game was rushed out for the holiday season.

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christoph2032414d ago

As a fan of the first 2 games, i thought uncharted 3 was a let down.. Good graphics alone cant make up for a badly written story with bad character devolopment

Fez2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

The character development of the main antagonist was awful. There didn't seem to be a strong motive at all. And what was the relationship between her the other bad guy? Business or more?

The main heroes relationships were done well though.

Would have liked to have seen some boss battles too. 2 had a fun boss battle and 1's ending was really good too. The sections leading up to the end of 3 is good fun (and hard) but there is no climactic conclusion.

The multiplayer is brilliant though, which I am surprised about cos I didn't get into 2's at all. Gonna go play some now.

JBaby3432414d ago

I agree and disagree with you. I thought the villain character development is the only place the story was lacking but the backstory of Drake and Sully made up for it. In the end the villains' motive is the same as always, POWER. I thought the end was well done. Different than UC2 but still good. I would go into details on that but don't want to give anything away.

I still suck at Uncharted's version on MP. I have to stick to more tactical games instead of run and gun.

Thatguy-3102414d ago

@ Jbaby
What back story ? The only thing the game showed us is how they met and that's it .people use that flash back as if it gave us a big background story to there relationship.

JBaby3432412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

@dboy: But that's just it. They showed us how they met and from there we know Sully improved Drake's skills and taught him some tricks through the years, as he said he would, and the two worked together since their initial meeting but as Drake grew up they began doing solo projects. They always came back to eachother and the other was there when they were needed. We get other clues throughout the series such as the bar maid in Lima and the string of business deals gone south for Sully from UC1 and other mentions of deals and saving eachother both in UC2 and UC3. **SPOILER ALERT** We learn in UC3 that Drake and Elena were married but that Drake couldn't handle that kind of life/commitment and Sully mentions that he has always been that way and no doubt it has to do with his lack of proper parenting and always being on the go with Sully. It's not hard to figure she isn't the first girl Drake has run out on. The history is there not only in cutscenes but also in dialog throughout the games. There could be more background but that's true for everything.

So in summation I would have liked more backstory on the villains but Drake's and Sully's was well-done in my opinion. But I know opinions vary.

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Thatguy-3102414d ago

Loved how uncharted 2 started then we got to play the game which lead us to see what got Drake into that train crash :) the campaign on among thieves was done in a smart and witty way which makes me prefer it over Drakes deception.

BushLitter2414d ago

'I lost count of the number of times he would leap to the center of a group of gun-toting enemies when I was desperately trying to get him to snap to cover.'

Might I suggest pressing 'O' instead of 'X'

I know it's difficult but there's nothing you can't achieve if you put your mind to it

MysticStrummer2414d ago

We've all made that type of mistake in a game, hitting the wrong button at the wrong time, but for a reviewer to put that in his review as a complaint against the game is truly laughable.

Old McGroin2414d ago

Agreed. And I think another reviewer who didn't give U3 an amazing score also mentioned it. Haven't played it yet but surely the controls aren't that mind boggling?

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