Modern Warfare 3 developer takes a pop at Battlefield's sniping, pacing

OXM UK: "You're not going to be sniped by a guy you can't even see" in the new Call of Duty, says Sledgehammer boss.

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JellyJelly2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

In COD you will be quickscoped by someone who's bunny jumping while crouching in the air, 10 feet away from you.

Btw, isn't part of being a sniper to stay at a distance and hide from the enemies? Picking someone off from a distance in Battlefield 3 is easier said than done considering the bullet drop and the time it takes for the bullet to travel.

iamnsuperman2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

I would encourage (too all) to really reading the article closely as he isn't taking a digg out of BF3 nor is he saying it is a bad thing. He is infact saying it is a different way in COD.

"Unlike other games, where you're going to be sniped from across the map by a guy you can't even see, and then respawn and you've got to run for five minutes to get back to the battle, right? That's not the Modern Warfare 3 method. This is about getting you in the action, you're pulling the trigger fast, you know what I mean? That's the essence of it."

All he is saying is COD is a more fast paced game. So sitting back and sniping isn't really part of that type of game and doesn't really fit.

xGrunty2301d ago

Actually from the quote you just took he's taking a direct stab at bf. It's the only game where if you do die, you have to (albeit, sometimes) spawn back at your base and run to the battle. While I agree, he seems to have forgotten that you can directly spawn on your teammates and even in vehicles. When I play with my friends in bf, if there's only one of us left alive in my squad, it's don't die dude!! But snipers aren't even snipers in bf either. It's a recon class. Not a sniper class.

kcuthbertson2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

If you're game uses sniper rifles that allows you to jump from two stories, do a 360 mid-air and pull off a quick scope headshot, then your game shouldn't have sniper rifles to begin with...

da_2pacalypse2301d ago

This is just pathetic... I wasn't aware that "quickscoping" takes skill -_-

cyborg69712301d ago

You can stop defending this recycled crap game Clark. It's obviously a dig and not a very good one considering qs and no scoping is for scrubs.

Spitfire_Riggz2301d ago

That shouldnt even be called sniping. Since when do snipers need to be "in the action pulling the trigger fast"

"sitting back and sniping doesnt really fit"

If you arent sitting far away and sniping your not doing it right in the first place

squallheart2301d ago

Im quite enjoying BF3, and enjoy sniping. Being a sniper takes more patience because of the whole bullet drop and travel time of the bullet. The only complaint i have for the recon class is the mobile spawn. For instance, your a sniper which most of the time you spend at a distance scoping out the battle. If your a good sniper chances are your as far away from the battle picking people off so the mobile spawn doesnt make any sense. Only if your the type of sniper thats in the buildings.

Heartnet2301d ago


Nope in MAG you have to do that aswell.. also Section 8... Theres a ton of shooters where u respawn ages away from where the action is taking place..

DatNJDom812301d ago

"You're not going to be sniped by a guy you can't even see"

because every sniper that attempts to snipe you will allow u to see him. He/She will even wave hi!

jetlian2301d ago

the mobile works great in conquest so your never far from a post and can snipe another post helping your team

RedDead2300d ago

He thinks a scope means sniper or something... there is barely any sniping in Cod anyway

DARK WITNESS2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

I tried battlefield 3 and could not get into it that much.

I also got MW3, mostly because my clan were all playing it and long story short, I caved in.

Having said that, IW/sledgehammer or whoever the guy is making this comment and their thinking behind it is really twisted.

For the type of gameplay that MW has turned into, they should not have any snipers at all.

If sitting back and sniping isn't the sort of gameplay that goes with Cod then taking them out would surely be the logical thing to do.

Seeing snipers running around like they are on C£^ck and shooting a sniper like it's an SMG or shotgun, that really adds skill and variety to the game.

cod4 got it just right. there were maps that fitted having snipers, now it's just stupid.

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Septic2301d ago

So basically sniping in COD isn't sniping at all.

Is this a way to justify quick-scoping?

Heartnet2301d ago

nothing wrong with quick scoping imo.. I dont do it maself as i fail at doing it lol but if its So OP as everyone is saying then why not do it urself?

dont matter if it takes no skill aslong as ur winning whats the problem? if ur not having fun doing it then thats ur issue.. if every gun was balanced theyd all be the same...

and CoD maps are to small to snipe anyway

madjedi2300d ago

And a perfect example of why cod is trash, that's another reason why cod head are stereotyped as total idiots.

Balanced weapons does not mean all the same, can some old gamers teach these first generation console owners some sense.

Emilio_Estevez2301d ago

I keep getting quick-scoped! A term that shouldn't exist, snipers in real life would never be in that situation and why the hell is it in ANY game?

Spitfire_Riggz2301d ago

One time some guy went ape shite on me "YOU ARE HARD SCOPING THE HELL OUT OF ME FAG"

I was just like dude, whats the point of the sniper then. If my methods are beating yours why quick scope in the first place? to go 0-20?

squallheart2301d ago

I agree at least in metal gear online its best to be at a distance hiding in the bushes. If you try to quick scope youll get owned ;-; you need patience and camo to survive.

Heartnet2301d ago

Depends what u want.. a game where every1 is hiding from afar or a game where every1 is close together and have quick paced action...

U keep getting quick scoped? then either join em or jump and crouch alot :)

FragMnTagM2300d ago

@spitfire, I literally laughed out loud when I read your comment man. That has happened to me more times than I can count and is one of many reasons I no longer play COD games anymore.

How about this gem too..... "OMG your k/d is terrible, you are a noob, you suck, blah, blah, blah."

Then when you play them one on one, you beat the shit out of them. I have rarely lost when playing one on one.

The thing is, is I hate sitting in one spot waiting for people to walk by. That is not the type of game COD is to me. To me, it is a fast-paced frantic military shooter. It is meant to be an Arcade game where you run around kind of like Quake with army dudes.

I don't ever recall people just standing in a corner in Quake.

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GAMExxOVER2301d ago

I agree, you will always see the sniper in those tiny maps.

chriski3332301d ago

This is crap I tried snipeing last nite on modern warfare 3 and it sucks its not what a sniper should do the maps r way to small

JsonHenry2301d ago

Also- in BF3 the sniper's scope flashes sun glare when aimed in your general direction so you know when to duck out.

PhantomT14122300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Also, they rarely get you in one shot unless it's a good sniper who can calculate bullets' trajectories or unless you're just standing still.

frostypants2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

Well put. I was literally just about to post this: "Yeah, you'll get quickscoped by a so-called sniper from 5 feet away as he bunnyhops his way to a 35-2 round. Totally better." Until I saw you pretty much nailed it already. Great minds think alike.

Snipers are a severe weak point of the last few CoD games, and not something these guys should be proud of. It's like they're EMBRACING cheese tactics and giving the finger to everyone else.

kparks2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

they went a little overboard with the flanking routes if u ask me! i dont care where u are in the map there are 3 different ways u can be shot from even if u stick and patrol around the outside of the map its BS i want to be able to hold my own in other words U CAN GET SHOT FROM TO MANY DIRECTIONS AT ONE TIME!! and i have been knifed alot way more than normal.. IDK i guess im just a NOOB lol

FragMnTagM2300d ago

What game are you talking about?

kparks2296d ago

talkin about the MW3 maps bro

Fylus2301d ago

I thought snipers were supposed to stay out of sight, not jump out in the street, dancing like a yeti.

Once on Kargh Island (beginning of a rush match as attackers) I was running towards the AA gun and suddenly I just drop dead. Kill can shows the guy was behind the far right MCom Station. I wasn't upset or felt cheated about the death. I was downright impressed.

Fylus2301d ago

kill *cam* sorry, auto correct.

iagainsti1202301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

Sniping is really hard in bf3, I used to use the recon class in BFBC2 most of the time so i could spot for my squad and i had over 300 kills with the M40 i can barley get 1 kill is BF3. So any time a sniper gets me with one shot in BF3 I am impressed by. Sniping was fun in COD modern warefare (had more open maps) but in MW2 it down right sucked.

kikizoo2300d ago

Like a recent articles said : snipers are useless (in bf3), people without skill should accept it and pick other classes.

FragMnTagM2300d ago

Actually, good snipers in BF3 are not useless at all. If all they are doing is just to get kills, then I kind of agree with you, but if they are watching objectives, spotting and killing at those objectives, then they are damn well not useless at all.

SuperbVillain2300d ago

And snipers can be spotted and taken out.Just a cheap shot that missed.

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DonaldBeck2301d ago

You're not going to be sniped by a guy you can't even see"

XD isn't this what snipers usually do? that's why there called "snipers" you usually cant see them.

Bathyj2300d ago

You mean you havent seen Delta Force snipers that wear high vis gear like road workers?

DonaldBeck2300d ago

haha good one private joker

Jdrm032301d ago

so, what he is saying is other games have real snipers while CoD's snipers basically use the rifle as a shotgun....

jriquelme_paraguay2301d ago

LOL...that is how is suposed to be... you cant see snipers

kcuthbertson2301d ago

Ya, if you see a sniper, he's not doing his job.

jriquelme_paraguay2301d ago

OMG... now i want watch Sniper with Beringer and Enemy at the Gates

frostypants2301d ago

Good call. I propose we also emulate that Beringer flick and start cutting the trigger fingers off of all CoD snipers.

asmith23062301d ago

What a tosser. Isn't the whole purpose of sniping to sit back? And if I want to get back into a battle quickly ill take a lift in a hummer, a tank, buggy, jet, chopper, boat, etc. COD dont have that cool shit bitch!!