Why Skyrim is most likely going to be better than previous Elder Scrolls games

TecStories: Now I'm sure that a great many of you are absolutely obsessed with the Elder Scrolls, some to the point of even having played Red-guard and Battle-spire, so you probably know that everyone considers Morrowind to be far and away the best of the games, with the most to do, the largest area to explore, and the nigh-on impossibility of actually having completely finished the game. For those if you who have not played any of the older games, here is a brief history lesson:

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dangert122322d ago

'Most likely' what because of dragons a bigger map and graphics?

Dark_king2322d ago

Actually the map is the same size as ES4.However due to terrain you will have less area.
I am really looking forward to the game,but I will wait to buy it till when the GOTY version is released.Its a rental till then for me.

sohaben2322d ago

The story!! That was the major issue in oblivion, and were hoping they fixed it

VampiricDragon2322d ago

like oblivion was "better"?

digitalkid2322d ago

Let's compare it to TES6 already. Why not? :)

Ren_2322d ago

*Tries to follow article... head explodes*

You claimed the earlier games in the series were poor up until Morrowind. You said to lets pretend the mobile games didn't happen. Then you say that all the games are worth my time xD

Grammar was also slightly lacking making it a lot harder to read.

*Maybe spoiler?* And what's this about being able to fly around as a dragon? xD Would love a link to the source of that information :P

Jdub895O2322d ago

My favorite is and always will be DAGGERFALL!

sohaben2322d ago

i would love to play the old ones, but i cant get passed the way they look. They look sooo bad. i realize they were good for the time, but i cant play a game that looks thats badd. I tried Morrowind, but it was the same thing...

Jdub895O2322d ago

Well back in my day it looked great. It may not look as great now but its still the biggest elder scrolls to date.Can you own a bout in oblivion? Can you deposit money in a bank? I understand alot of people cant get a hang of the interface but thats how most rpgs played back then. I bet you never played Ultima Underworld huh? That was THE game that made me into a gamer i am today.

DatGladiatah2322d ago

As Morrowind made me who I am. It's understandable to be sentimental, what isn't is being closed-minded. Morrowind's graphics can be improved by mods, as with the combat system, but all of that aside the story, the world, everything about it was superior to the rest of the TES series. Daggerfall was good too, I'm playing it now... it's hard to get used to, but I don't hate it because I look at more than just graphics, and really, it plays better than Morrowind.

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