PS3 Review - The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut ( "The House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut is nothing revolutionary, and the lack of variety amongst the majority of shambling zombie enemies is rarely anything but tiny and cosmetic outside of the creatively disgusting boss fights. But that’s par for the course for a lightgun game and while – even with the extra two levels – Overkill is a pretty short game that you’ll sail through in an afternoon, it’s a riotously fun experience from start to finish, especially if you have an extra Move controller and a buddy at your side. With a gloriously daft story and plenty of top-notch arcade gameplay, The House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut is the most fun lightgun game this generation and a perfect reason to dust off your PlayStation Move and put your trigger finger to use."

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Starbucks_Fan2261d ago

Anyone with Move have this? How is it?

JoeReno2261d ago

I made an attempt to get it tonight from my local GS, because I haven't seen it at target or walmart. On the computer it showed they had 2 copies but the retard behind the counter could find them at all. After about. 15mins of her wasting my time I told her to forget it and that I would attempt to buy it from a store that employs people with at least a half a brain. Sorry to the Gamestop gal, I didn't attempt to buy MW3 that would have been on the counter right behind you!

JoeReno2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )


I ended up picking this up the other night and a buddy and I played for a few hours. Its a lot of fun if you like on rail shooters. The silly dialog is so over the top that it will have you laughing for sure. Its very pain to see the game doesn't take it self very seriously. But good gorey fun. My 30 second review.

Edit: one more thing to add to that. It isn't the prettiest game I think Sega could have worked a bit harder to update the graffx. Its pretty clunky and the cut scenes look a bit better than ps2 era stuff.