Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand Screens Released

Electronic Arts has released today, a batch of new screens of the upcoming DLC for Battlefield 3.

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cyborg2387d ago

the maps look really good

TheBeast2387d ago

It will be amazing! Another reason to purchase BF3 :D

lugia 40002387d ago

At least its not Recycled warfare 3 lol.

hiredhelp2387d ago

Lugia 4000 lol
Think the word here is QUALITY not quantity (cod).

0neShot2387d ago

If this is former MW maps, the BF fanboys will scream their lungs out, it' the same rehash cod maps, blah blah...

but no, because this is battlefield and everything is fresh and new.

peowpeow2386d ago

It's maps the BF fans want. It's not like they're disguising old maps as new/different

2386d ago