Modern Warfare 3 Review (PlanetXbox360)

The Call of Duty franchise has become somewhat of a star unto itself, like the Beatles or the company Apple, and because of that going into this review of Modern Warfare 3 has its own set of difficulties. Can Infinity Ward / Sledgehammer Games and Activision continue to improve on what have become the standard for first-person shooters in the industry? What can they add to a video game that’s annual release is near-perfect in review scores and sells millions upon millions of copies? I came into this review doubting those answers, and after spending nearly three days with Modern Warfare 3 I continue to be amazed at what the team at Infinity Ward creates.

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JellyJelly2321d ago

This review made me think of this.

2321d ago
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JokesOnYou2320d ago

So all the constant hate from BF3 fanboys in every MW3 article is not trolling, and me laughing at the haters, while saying MW3 is a better game in a *MW3 article is trolling. Well, OK this is n4g afterall.

rexbolt2320d ago

what does my comment have to do with battle feild? the games over rated big deal we all knpw this same game every time but they add some new perks and something like role next game will be back flip or something miner they never make the grafics look next gen ether its al muddy and pixaly

rexbolt2317d ago

WTH COD FUN ITS BOREING ITS CRAP :/ it was fun for a little while then yeah it got boreing super fast meh they need to not make anymore

lugia 40002321d ago

Wow, a 9.8, rofl.

So Battlefield 3 doesn't deserve a 9.8 then? Sure ill prefer the recycled bulidings and same shit all over again.

Jobesy2321d ago

Damn right BF3 doesn't deserve a 9.8, the game is STILL buggy as hell on consoles and STILL had server problems lol. Not to mention a COD wannabe single player. You mad?

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