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Read about how a problem somewhere in the's website caused a problem with a pre-order of Uncharted 3 for a member of

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killcycle2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

fuck game, have and always will fuck with everybody.
They don't even make much money because of their prices and rely on their customers stupidity to get paid. People are wising up in general and as a result of that GAME has shut down hundreds of stores across the UK.

I went to Game with a few friends who went there to pick up their preorder of MW3 and man on top of the quoue being horrendous they was also pushing everybody to buy little additional overpriced extras, it's a joke and they will only ever be loyal to one thing.. £££££

Check this example of Shopto's respect for their customers.

I wanted Mortal Kombat 9 from them because of their excellent delivery service but it was £37.99 (or somewhere around that price) and i saw it for £30.00 elsewhere so i hit up the forum and found a price comparison thread so i put it there and the very next day they replied and dropped the price to £29.99.

Don't go to Game, the reward scheme is a joke i don't see how people a lured into it, use your points so you have none left and then go elsewhere.

Kurisu2386d ago

I realise now that the "points" scheme is a joke, really. The points that you save could just be saved in real money by buying stuff cheaper from elsewhere. I have my Vita pre-ordered in store at GAME, and FFXIII-2 pre-ordered online because of the exclusive pre-order bonus. Once my points are used up I will probably start shopping elsewhere. Their new website has also given me nothing but hassle, can't even view pre-orders properly.

iamgoatman2385d ago

I got Mortal Kombat 9 from shopto as well for £29.99, guess I have you to thank! :D

killcycle2385d ago

Aha yeah i guess so!
No problemo! :D

The Meerkat2386d ago

I used the wrong password to login 3 times (I know my fault).

They said I had to contact customer services to have my account unblocked. So I did, several times by email.

Not a single reply, still cannot order from them because my account won't work.

Just ordered MW3, Skyrim, Forza 4, Halo CE, Batman, Gears from Play and Amazon.

F### You Game!

hiredhelp2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Been with shopto for 3 years nearly. after parting from awfull services. Game is after screwing with ppl money plain simple thats why i buy and sell online.

Shopto im also nealy 100% guranteed to get my game a day at least early and what other service gives you free recorded delivery. SHOPTO.NET ALL THE WAY

Ddouble2386d ago

Amazon is my default buyer. I only use GAME for their pre-order bonuses

Dark_Overlord2385d ago

The only time I ever buy anything from GAME (and Gamestation now due to the take over) is when they have their sales on, sometimes you can pick up games for stupidly low prices. Other than that I'll shop around to find the best deal.

In no particular order, the shops I mainly use are (Although they seem to have an ongoing problem with my bank, and it refuses my card at times)

killcycle2385d ago

Yeah i can't help but go into Game when I'm at my local Mall i guess I'm just addicted to games like that but the last thing i remember buying from them was a bunch of Ps2 games for 99p each.