Edge - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 review

Against all odds, in light of what has happened at Infinity Ward since Modern Warfare 2, the third game in the series is remarkable. Modern Warfare 3 is an ending, and one that resists the easy temptation to leave threads dangling. More importantly than that, it’s a hell of a package: MW3 not only maintains the high standards of the series’ previous singleplayer campaigns, but offers what feels like the best iteration of COD’s world-conquering multiplayer thus far, as well as a thrilling update of the second game’s Spec Ops missions and a new Survival mode.

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arnyftw2293d ago

lol, Edge seems to give good games stuff like 7/10 while giving cod, zelda, mario and other games 9/10. I think the only games to get 10/10 are Mario games.

Schism202293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

how sad this game is just like the last two and yet critics are giving it praise? pretty messed up.

thugfears2293d ago Show
JsonHenry2293d ago

Yeah man. It feels like copy and paste with a few new guns thrown in. Oh well, its the only game half the people I know will playing for the next 6 months. So I guess if I want to play multi with friends I am stuck playing it. :/

fei-hung2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

What Edge meant to say was:

Although most original IW staff have left, the new IW has done a brilliant job of copying and pasting old textures, maps and matierials from previous MW titles and then updating them.

The single player is more of the same Hollywood war stories and action. No much if any innovation or creativity has gone in to it.

The multiplayer is as you would expect from a MW title; fast, action packed and full of customisation and reflex kills with the added option of powering up with an Elite membership.

Like your Pro Evo's, Fifa's and other yearly updated games, MW3 does what it says on the box - it offers a slightly newer version of the game last year at the full cost.

However, since it is a MW game, we will not mark it down as we do with many other games, we will mark it up and give it a 9/10.

thugfears2293d ago

to much hate you had to take time out your day to write about a game you dont like wow.i would never do that

fei-hung2293d ago

Didnt say I hated the game dude. Talk about jumping to conclusions lol

If you read again and try comprehend the substance of the message, it is me mocking Edge. COD is what it is, but Edge has no principles.

As for me taking time out to write aresponse or comment, I done it because I felt like it.i had nothing better to do at work so why not?!

Wow, so much hate about a comment, to take time out your day to write about a comment you dont like wow.i would never do that ;)

Gamer-Z2293d ago

Didn't you know that if you offer any sort of criticism or insight towards COD you are automatically labeled a hater, its the stupid persons defense.


isn't that right bro...

IQUITN4G2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

This being Edge, 11/10 then. Isn't that the line?

People sure like to hate on this one but i can at least see why. It's had some good games though in the series and it's not like MW2 was a terrible game

Perhaps it's the ammount of sales generated that destroy other beloved franchises like Uncharted and even now Halo, that irk people

For me it's because it essentially seems to caters for a same but different audience that Wii and iphone, ipad commands. Pick up and play is here to stay though so we'll just have to lump it

Don't hate the game though on the basis of those it attracts more of because it's likely a good game

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The story is too old to be commented.