Dead Island New Patch for Consoles Detailed

The latest patch for Dead Island has been detailed over on the Deepsilver blog. Fixing interface issues and adjusting game balance.

They will go live on the PlayStation Network (9th November) and Xbox Live (10th November).

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DanSolo2386d ago

When this game is finally fully patched and working probably I will get it as it looks pretty good!

In a way it's good for me that it needs some fixing as I will just pick it up really cheap at some point in the future!

BattleTorn2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )


My game's save has been broken since end of Sept. (freezes upon loading; X360)

But I still love the game, I had to be patient in order to not spoil my enjoyment after the game-breaking bug.

I think I've made it to the other side, back to enjoying bashing zombies!

kma2k2386d ago

wish the fixes would have come sooner, i finished it already & have moved on. Well i guess this is good news for other people going to pick it up for the holidays!

nachokingp2386d ago

GAH! Did anyone else notice that they made kick "more balanced" and now it depletes stamina? That's not cool! The kick sometimes is my only saving grace when my stamina is low! What the hell man? That's a dealbreaker for me, I don't think I'll be downloading this patch...

kma2k2386d ago

oh that serisouly blows, i spent like the first full act kicking almost exclusvely. Did they patch the item duplication?

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