Modern Warfare 3 user review average plummets to 2.8 on Metacritic

Critics have taken a liking to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and its Metacritic average of 90 serves as a testament to the high quality of Infinity Ward's latest effort.

However, shift your eyes a little to the right and there's a different story being told. Negative users have flocked the review aggregator and submitted their own scores - and it ain't pretty.

At the time of writing the Activision published blockbuster holds a user review average of 2.9 based on a total of 231 ratings. Of those 56 are listed as favourable, ten have been categorised as 'mixed' while an overwhelming 165 are 'negative'.

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coolbeans2261d ago

I hear Activision's going to pay those users to change their scores, so try posting a metacritic user review for it now. :P

iamnsuperman2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Who really cares about the user reviews on metacritic. Any game that as an opposite fan base always gets attacked with either 10 or 0 out of 10 scores. The user rating is redundant because of this. Its really sad this happens and people need to get a life. I am surprised by CVG for making a story on this. They should know better.

LOGICWINS2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

"Who really cares about the user reviews on metacritic."

Well I've seen people in 8/10(or below) Uncharted 3 reviews talk a lot about these people I guess lol. Regardless, if people want to be stupid, then let them be stupid. The Internet minority won't effect COD's success in the least.

@iamsuperman- If anything CVG is being intelligent about the situation. They know that what their doing will get them hits. I'd do the same thing if I was in their position.

Theres no such thing as bad publicity. If I ran a gaming news site, I wouldn't care if the majority of my hits came from prudent mature gamers or angry members of the "Church of Sony". Hits are matter who it comes from.

Fez2261d ago

Some people are so sad. There's loads of bad reviews on amazon too from people who blatantly haven't played the game. Lame.

gamingdroid2261d ago

Despite the user score, more people put their money on the table and buy the game over other games.

If I predicted a games success based on "internet" reception, I would be almost wrong 100% of the time. It's just a vocal minority.

taylork372261d ago


"Theres no such thing as bad publicity."

You should tell that to Penn State.

There is such thing as bad publicity and publicity that gets you hits is publicity that makes you a joke when it comes to being a trusted video game source.

MysticStrummer2261d ago

"Well I've seen people in 8/10(or below) Uncharted 3 reviews talk a lot about these people I guess lol." Aaahhh so it's only PS3 users that bring up Metacritic. Thanks for that info, LOGIC. The mods should really force you to change your name.

AliTheBrit4202261d ago

Thousands of people use 4chan and the like

and on /v/, they HATE this game, and flocking in numbers to down rate this is exactly the kind of thing they'd do

Seriously I'm willing to bet, at least 80% of those negative reviews they've not actually got or played the game.

Hope it is good, installing now, wasn't too impressed with Black Ops but I loved MW2

darthv722261d ago

for halo 3 and gears of war 2.

As if these people are just doing it out of spite. It doesnt reflect well on today's generation of gamer. More worried about the score of a game than playing the game itself.

Muffins12232261d ago

Well the average is 2.0,even games like Dora the explorer had higher ratings than this...

Commander_TK2261d ago

I don't know why ever one would take actual time of his life to hate down a game just because it's popular and they have never played it. Reminds of me when the The Dark Knight fanboys gave The Godfather 1/10 scores so it would drop The Dark Knight on IMDB.

zero_gamer2261d ago

I don't like CoD but I agree, this is pathetic. Then again gamers have multiple lives and there's always a 1UP laying around somewhere so wasting one of their lives on irrelevant bull like user reviews isn't such a bad idea I guess...

Iroquois_Pliskin2260d ago

Its what they deserve for recycling the game from MW2



Nothing better to do than attack Sony fans...I think someones all sore cause they can't buy a PS3...haters gonna hate lol

Fail big time loser!

snipes1012260d ago

double post but comment I replied to got blocked so:

This is really just a desperate and petty move on the part of the people who act all vindicated in their dislike of this franchise. It's just immature. Stop, it just looks pathetic.

It's even funnier to watch these types of things happen when the game is PROBABLY (note the word usage) going to sell 5-6 million copies in the first 24 hours.

Not saying sales are indicative of quality, but I am saying that pretty much everyone is ignoring these immature individuals and their childish attempts at bringing this game down.

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StraightPath2261d ago ShowReplies(4)
reznik_zerosum2261d ago

bobby kotick cried all the way to the bank

Gamer19822261d ago

Just proves critics talk out there a***s. The people speak. they are sick and tired of COD fever. People buy the game snot because they are good but because of the hype and because its the only way they can continue to play there COD buddies. As they have a good way of making you upgrade even though you dont need to.

banner2261d ago

And why does that bother you ppl so much? You have a few hundred saying it sucks and a few million saying they love it.

Let the cod players play in piece! Enjoy bf3, uc3, gears 3 etc. Too many games out and coming out to be worried about cod.

I personaly think the game is fun. Soooo.

boommuffin2261d ago

i honestly was planning to skip MW3 for skyrim on friday but i got on today & i had a billion msgs from friends telling me how much more polished it feels & that its overall better than past games so now im thinking maybe its worth checking out

poopface12260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

LOL "GAMER." You should change your username as you are clearly a fanboy, and not a gamer.

Seems more likely that the people giving a NON-broken game that they have never played are a bunch of 1s are just butthurt fanboys.

princejb1342260d ago

i didn't buy this game for friends since all my friends have a 360 while i have a ps3, i bought it for myself because the game series is fun to play

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ZippyZapper2261d ago

Funny most of those low reviews read just like the comments above.

coolbeans2261d ago

That is a good observation. Not suprising when considering the two tenets of n4g:

-Slam CoD year round

-Praise every PS3 exclusive, unless the majority say otherwise.

poopface12260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

lol, I bet alot of those 1/10 reviews came from all the butthurt people in here.

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Majin-vegeta2261d ago

OMG can it really be??People are actually starting to see that cod has not changed for crap since 2007 and have been paying for expansions??Only one can hope so.But i'm afraid it's until they announce the new cod and same sh*t different year sigh.

bestofthebest2261d ago

Why would they change something that's a success do you really think they would completely change cod and make something new that people might hate. Cod is doing a good job of giving fans what they want.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2261d ago

Socom used to be the best. The first 2 were awesome. Then they changed it a bit, and part 3 came out. And talk about suck. And then the last 2 that have come out. Real crappy!

Sometimes you don't fix what isn't broke. Sales show COD is better than ever and wanted more than ever. I fully expect with the power of next gen consoles, you and I will see the destruction and change needed with more power.

Spitfire_Riggz2261d ago

You are right, they shouldnt change anything.


KonGreat2261d ago

While I actually quite enjoy CoD's gameplay. I wish they gave out more content or was more innovative with game modes (and I'm not talking about one new game mode).
I mean, what the hell do they do actually?
And MW2 seems to be the same as MW3 with just a few new things as they removed the kill streaks (oh my what an effort!) and CoD elite (BF2 had a similar thing to this, although a much more complicated buddy system).

finbars752261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Well wouldn't activision just give everybody a revamped modern warfare4 instead of charging everybody for a full price game?They could just easily give dlcs out for the last 6 years for the same game but instead the cod fanboys only play the same thing over and over while other great games that blow cod out of the water get over looked by just the number game.Change is in need and cod has actually ruined the gaming world.this isnt really about keeping the fanboys happy its about activision manipulating gamers in thinking that your playing something good when it's all about there wallet getting bigger and bigger.I could care less what you and others think of my comment but it's reality and you can't deny the fact that greed has played a big part in cod milk station in the last 7 years.Enjoy playing your fun game supposedly with your over priced dlc and lazy developers.

frostypants2261d ago

"Cod is doing a good job of giving fans what they want..."

...over and over and over again and asking them for $60 every year for minor tweaks.

Le'ts face facts: the MW series (which to me includes every CoD since MW that has included the original MW's originally innovative concepts) has become the Madden of FPS games...i.e., people only buy it because everyone else is buying it.

Sure it's fun, and sure, I'm one of the suckers, be let's get real...the series is getting real stale and the developers are getting lazy.

ambientFLIER2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

"over and over and over again and asking them for $60 every year for minor tweaks"

Yes, minor tweaks, and oh...A WHOLE NEW CAMPAIGN AND 16 NEW MP MAPS...but wait, they should have released them as DLC for COD4, right? Yep, sure, $15 for 5 maps, that makes it $45 DLC for multiplayer, plus another $15 or so for the new campaign DLC...for the grand total of....$60, same as MW3 price.

SuspendedSphere2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

@The haters

Been playing CoD since 2003, ie when the series launched. Even though I tell myself I'm not going to I still find myself in the store picking the game up like clock work, I have done this for 8 years now. Finbars, there was a huge leap between CoD1 to CoD2, and CoD2 to CoD4 visually and gameplay wise. I agree that since WaW, it's gotten pretty stale and feels a bit directionless at this point, but dont paint CoD's whole history as something derivative. There was a time when CoD was AMAZING.

CoD isn't the perfect shooter and I find myself incredibly tired of the SP. The on rails, scripted to hell and back that doesn't even let you shoot dudes until they finished their scripted event is just deadly boring and irritating. It should really be noted though that few shooters this console generation have diverged heavily from this rollercoaster to boredom. So really? Why is CoD the problem again?

I buy CoD because it's something I've done since the series launched, hell my copy of the CoD1 expansion pack United offensive is around here somewhere. It's pretty naive and pretty dumb to say that N4G users who pick up CoD are the kinds of knobs who only buy CoD every year. We aren't, I'm not, eff you.

Oh and Finbars would you pm me a list of these great games. What are the bets it's games that merely look better and have SP campaigns that are braindead stupid and commit the same scripted rollercoaster sins that CoD commits all the while never feeling like it plays as smooth as CoD.

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lastdual2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

More like people who don't play COD and probably never cared for it in the first place are rating down a game they haven't played because they have nothing better to do than troll metacritic.

papashango2261d ago

Ya I'm sure its being done by people who never played cod.

Wait wat?

gamingdroid2261d ago

lastdual said, people that don't play CoD, NOT people that NEVER play.

There is a big difference.....

PetitPiPi2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

This (Majin-vegeta) is one of the people a few of us are referring to, correct?

Wait for it...


Majin-vegeta2261d ago

Don't,get me wrong i played the sh*t out of cod4 when it came out for 2 straight years and still do to this day every once in awhile but you would have to have no brain and be a complete moron not to see that it has gone down in quality and they feel more like add ons instead of full games.

theonlylolking2261d ago

No, it is just a bunch of BF fanboys. They are butthurt that all of the smack talking EA, fanboys, and hype did not work as planned.

So now they are going on metacritic trying to lower the score while raising BF3's score.

Moragami2261d ago

MW3 & Steam fans have done the same thing to BF3 on Amazon.

It's pretty pathetic.

Ser2261d ago

Well, I wasn't one of the users to rate MW3. I know this because I haven't stopped playing BF3 to be bothered by such petty things.

Kurt Russell2260d ago

As a BF fanboy I can honestly say I don't go on metacritic at all, let alone rate MW3 down... Instead I am taking names on BF.

Why do you all need confirmation from someone else that suggests you made the right purchase?..

joab7772261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

The most amazing thing is that all the major players ultimately gave it a great review. They all cave and hold it to a lower standard. Any other game that recycles environments and makes tiny improvements w no improvement to campaign or graphics would get murdered by ign and game informer but not cod. This is why user reviews xo matter to me. I cannot trust the others. B3 makes a campaign lime cod and gets killed for it. But, cod r geniuses for doing the same thing. In the words of Berman, cmon man!!!

Moragami2261d ago

Yeah, most reviewers shredded BF3's campaign as generic, with poor AI and soldiers hopping out of clone closets.

They compliment MW3 for doing the same exact thing, only with a completely non-interactive environment with crappier graphics.

MW3 reviews are obviously financially motivated. MW3 is the biggest advertiser on the web today, no way these review sites would give up cash in the name of journalistic integrity.

gamingdroid2261d ago

Well I played BF3 single player campaign and it was utter [email protected] Buggy as hell, shine in your face light constantly (it made me a little sick) and very uninteresting game play.

CoD single player is always super intense and awesome, especially the MW games.

So from personal experience I don't see any conspiracy. If anything, I wonder why basically half of BF3 was utter [email protected], yet it received such good scores.

That is completely bias in my opinion.

HenryFord2260d ago

Because the SP of BF3 is not "basically half" of the game...? If you compare 200h gameplay hours in multiplayer (I have around 230h gameplay on BFBC2-MP) against 8h of SP you cannot make the assumption that the SP is half of the game.

SuspendedSphere2260d ago

Er, the MW3 campaign so far has been serviceable. BF3's was boring, it's basically the same thing as CoD but without any great set pieces and constant QTE's.

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AliTheBrit4202261d ago

Why do people get so angry about this?

Mario and Sonic have been rehashes for well over 20 YEARS

COD, a few years..

The people who buy it, are still going to enjoy the f*ck out of it

And as they are having oodles of fun, you'll be online bitterly writing about how stupid they are.

Well one person is happy (the player) one person is bitter and annoyed for others being happy, who do you really think is the bigger fool?

frostypants2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

The gameplay of Mario has changed DRAMATICALLY in the last 20 years. Hell, no two Mario games feel the same, unless you count the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2 that wasn't released in the US.

Every CoD game since MW1 has been a rehash of that game. We're at the 4th CoD game in a row that hasn't offered anything significantly new. Hence the frustration.

And on top of this, they STILL haven't fixed the host-client lag issues. Five games in a row now with a massive flaw they don't care to fix because they have our money already...

Biggest2261d ago

Wait a minute. Mario has changed DRAMATICALLY? Is the jump button now the jUmp button or something? I know that you're trying to defend a fan favorite in Mario, but you can't contrast that with Call of Duty. It's more or less the same thing. Fans love it. All they want is a new game case and a few bells and whistles.

joab7772260d ago

Ppl do not play the f%$# out of cod single player. Many never play it. And while i think b3 should not have made a cod like campaign, they did it because of the rave reviews they always get and the fact that it allowed them to show off graphics and create great set pieces. I get it, it was fun 1 time and it did deserve to get a thrashing for being generic. On the flip side, it got no love for the amazing graphics and realistic tone it created. Cod releases a rehash from 4 years ago and everyone (reviewers) love it. It is literally the same. And yes, many games rehash, and it is fine for many ppl but i cannot understand how they get away with doing it again, while reviewers shred every other game that tries it.

When u stand back and look at the mw3 product in comparison to bf3, it isn't even close. Yet, all major reviewers gave them identical scores at the very least. As gamers, we want to reward companies for taking risks and pushing things forward, for spending money to build new engines etc. These reviews just give activision another year to rehash yet again. So, go pre order ur copy of treyarchs new cod, releasing next November.

This is why i am happy w user reviews making a statement & while harsh and a little overdone, it helps get the point accross. We r happy that DICE tried to push ahead instead of recycling buildings from earlier games.

I am happy to see 1 person on my friends list playing mw3. It was everyone last ye. Now its mostly b3 & U3, both far superior games...unless u ask ign and game informer

OdinX2261d ago

The thing that makes me mad about MW3 is the fact most of the stuff implemented or added into could've actually been added into MW2 via a patch; this is of course speaking strictly about MP.

Also, just because a game might be fun doesn't automatically make it a good game; there has to be some improvement, some noticeable changes. That's what made Cod4 good; it was a leap from Cod2 an enormous game-changer; now its rehashes and recycles because "it works" and saps buy it for whatever reason. $65 DLC/patch.

GarandShooter2261d ago

'Also, just because a game might be fun doesn't automatically make it a good game'

It's a hobby, a leisure time activity, whose sole purpose is to entertain, or to be fun. It's the single most important aspect of judging a games quality.

Now, if you want to say it's not innovative, fresh, revolutionary, or something along those lines I wholeheartedly agree.

princejb1342260d ago

you mad bro, get of the cod hate troll
you say it hasn't changed, but many games have followed this formula with a few tweaks
sports game are the same every year, gears series, assassin creed series, uncharted series
and yet we love these games so why troll cod so much

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marioPSUC2261d ago

well atleast its getting the scores it deserves, since Reviewers only get paid off these days to give great scores to a game.

I really wonder what some of the game reviewers on some sites really think

Yangus2261d ago

Who cares?Haters..
-MW3 cool game-

JsonHenry2261d ago

I hate to admit that I bought it, but I did. And so far I would give it about a 7.5 out of 10. It isn't bad. It just feels like it could have been DLC instead of a full game. However I would like to point out I have not and never will play the single player portion so that might actually be pretty good and I wouldn't know.

kcuthbertson2261d ago

Well that seems silly on your part...

You payed for it, you might as well play it.
Me and my friend saw it on sale for $47 and split the price so we could play spec ops.

JsonHenry2261d ago

^^ I haven't played the single player portion of CoD since the first one on the PC. Not because of any sort of moral decision. I just don't buy CoD for the single player. If I was interested I would play it without question. Kinda like the Battlefield series. I'm simply not interested in playing the single player. :/

kcuthbertson2261d ago


Fair enough, that makes sense...I'm just more of a heavier single player person, and it's hard for me to think out of my box sometimes ha.

frostypants2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I'm buying it just because my buddies are and I know it will be an OK game. But it's the same reason I'd buy Madden or the 1,552nd rehash of Tetris. It's gone from a leading edge series to a commoditized time-passer. It's disappointing to see, given how amazing the CoD series used to be and the pride the developers had in it.

Hicken2261d ago

That's the biggest issue a lot of people have with the series, Jason. They're charging you full price for what essentially feels like DLC.

The "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" excuse would make perfect sense if these were all treated as expansion packs, but having to pay full price every year for essentially the same game with a few new maps and guns (and a singleplayer most people don't even finish) AS WELL AS paying every few months for DLC in order to keep playing correctly... that's just not worth the money.

Anyway, I won't be touching it until I've at least beat Uncharted. And I'm definitely not buying it; it'll have to be radically different for me to justify spending my hard-earned cash on it.

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