Saints Row: The Third Review | Good Game

This is a better game than Saints Row 2 in almost every way. Some spoilers ahead.

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xPhearR3dx2416d ago

I found their review good up until the end. Why review a game that is knowingly going to upset you with things like a dildo bat? It's not like it was a surprise. I felt they were a little too nitpicky at the end.

Amiz2416d ago

The game is rated M15 in Australia so I can see why they mentioned it. Perhaps their opinion might be a bit nitpicky because of the current R18+ rating issue in Australia, but there are still politicians trying to get the 18+ rating banned again so high profile games like this will be scrutinized and torn apart for things like the purple doldo and the beating or civillians. So yeah I can see why they might have felt uncomfortable playing it as an M15 rated game.

spartan_dx2416d ago

Wasnt there a dildo in san andreas as i recall? This isnt the first game to do it.

Johandevries2416d ago

Damn, looking forward to playing it next week

MasterD9192416d ago

I already know this game is an 8 or 9....Don't need reviews to tell me that. SR3 looks like the most fun in a game in quite some time. Can't wait.

haawaltevi19762415d ago

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