Counterstrike would 'never' work with a Call of Duty styled progression system

@XG247: Incase you'd ever thought that Counterstrike might attempt to be like Call of Duty, they never will.

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Agent_hitman2298d ago

Good to hear that, counter strike is counter strike and it is indeed unique in many areas...

gamernova2298d ago

Even if they did, they would still get outsold by mw3. Just like bf3 did. It's like yahoo saying it isn't going to try to be like Google lol

nolifeking2298d ago

I don't care how much it sells, CS will always be a better game than COD, just like BF3. Becoming a pop culture sensation is all COD has to coast on. In real life(gaming anyway) BF, CS, TF2 and UT all run circles around it(COD for the ADD in attendance).

gamernova2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Why haven't the others become a cultural sensation if they're truly better? You speak about becoming a cultural sensation like it is an easy thing to do. You can hate cod all you want but cod appeals to the majority of people and you, along with few others (I mean few in comparison to the ones who like cod) just have to accept it instead of hating it. If it's not broken, don't fix it. Kill confirmed and the other added game type as well as the new kill streak system and maps show that they're making it better. Also, adding elite to the mix. Cod did something that all those mentioned games couldn't do. That alone distinguishes it as an all time great. Hate it or love it.

nolifeking2298d ago

You think being better will net you pop fame? How naive are you? becoming a cultural sensation is kinda easy when you have money and a gullible audience. You said it yourself "COD appeals to the majority" which just so happens to be non gamers. People looking for easy to play regardless of how good it is, because they have no gauge for game quality.

As far as me hating COD, you really have the game(;))twisted. COD is fun, but I have many, many annoyances with the game. About the only thing it did that the others mentioned didn't was dumb themselves down enough to gain a mainstream audience. And I applaud them for that.

radphil2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

"Cod did something that all those mentioned games couldn't do"

You mean made each year like sports games, and not actually focusing on balancing mechanics?

There's a reason why CS is regarded as a top competitive game for at least 10+ years, i.e balance.

Also Elite isn't anything new. It's called stat tracking which has been around for years. They just made it more apparent to the public.

Also to relate to what you said earlier:

"You speak about becoming a cultural sensation like it is an easy thing to do."

Look at things like Youtube. Right there is a prime example.

Darkfocus2298d ago

counterstrike has actually outsold COD by a longshot on PC...

gamernova2298d ago

On pc, yes. I'm speaking milti plat.

nolifeking2297d ago

@ gamer
Of course because CS has been released on all home consoles. GIVE UP!!!

Pintheshadows2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Wow, just when you think N4G's got as low as it possibly can POW! Right in the kisser. Gamernova you've embarassed yourself.

Soldierone2297d ago

Flawed argument. Counter Strike to this day has been a huge following. That is a true cultural success, not having "record breaking numbers"

COD isn't going anywhere. Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk road the same exact roller coaster and look where that got them. FPS is a bigger market, eventually someone else will step in. You know if Sledgehammer didn't take over MW3, they would of put out a "third person shooter" COD?

NarooN2297d ago

"Cod did something that all those mentioned games couldn't do."

Yeah, you're absolutely right. None of those mentioned games released annual rehashes that brought nothing new to the table, yet sold millions of copies and overpriced DLC because their main fanbase were sheep.

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