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Canary2444d ago

Sure is pretty. You can REALLY see the influence of those artists Bethesda finally got around to hiring: this is going to be the most fun to explore open world game since RDR.

And when the hell will Steam let us pre-load?

MajorJackHoff2444d ago

Wow, this looks fantastic.

I am ready for you, Skyrim. Let us dance the dance of life.

pangitkqb2444d ago

Looks incredible. I am thrilled to explore the rich world of Skyrim.

It was also nice to see a video focused on the story and non-combative elements of the game. The Elder Scrolls series are so much more than swinging a sword and casting a spell (as fun as those things truly are).

StraightPath2444d ago

Not going to watch it , i want to be blown away but everything i see first time around :D

SockeyBoy2444d ago

That looks so freaking cool. One thing...i don't think american accents suit medieval times.

Canary2444d ago

I'm a big fan of the "Babylon 5" method--give each race a real-world accent. It helps to differentiate everyone and provide an easily-recognized layer of independent culture.

IIRC, Dragon Age took a similar approach (as did Mass Effect, and Morrowind IIRC).

And to be fair, it's not really a medieval game. Not even close, actually.

SockeyBoy2444d ago

So agree with you on that, but when i heard the american accent i was like "ohh thats awful" each to their own i guess.

Not medieval times..late antiquity timeline maybe? Ah i'm still going to be playing the hell out of this game anyway.

Canary2444d ago

^--Naw, it's a fictional world, they don't share ANY eras with ours.

I suppose if you really want to assign an era, post-post-apocalyptic works best. Basically, if you look at the lore, the ancient Dwemer were fairly advanced technologically--they had robots and crap--and then they were wiped out somehow, and technology was stigmatized--thus the dominance of magic in TES culture.

Through magic they are able to achieve a standard of living roughly equivalent to Modern-era humankind (that's us, post-1945).

Similar to Spira in Final Fantasy X.

SockeyBoy2444d ago

AAHH Canary i know its a fictional world, i know it doesn't share any era with ours, I DO KNOW however that Skyrim has Queens, Kings, Castles, Swords, Horse and Carts, Bows and Arrows. So if a friend asked me what type of game is do you think i'm going to tell him/her that "ohh well i would say post-apocalyptic, because if you look at the lore, the ancient...whatever"? No i'm not! Because they would think it was Fallout with magic. GOSH!

news4geeks2444d ago

Sockeyboy is right, you'd describe the game as a medieval fantasy. Middle ages if you want. It's the most accurate example we can give to the style of the game. It's not like we'd say 'yeah it's a fantasy game based in the modern day' despite any technicalities which may allude this.

Canary2444d ago

Post-post-apocalyptic isn't apocalyptic.

And no matter how you cut it, the setting is not medieval. It's High Fantasy. If you say anything other than "high fantasy," you're saying the wrong thing.

Drake1172444d ago

Id say they game reminds me more of the Roman empire mixed with lord of the rings. But either way the game really has nothing to do with our world at all so i don't mind the different accents.

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MajorJackHoff2444d ago

I respectfully disagree.

I thought the accent sounded fine. His voice made me feel safe :'D

MsclMexican2444d ago

lol you sure. Remember the original assassins creed? Everyone taught Altair's american accent was stupid. But now with Revelations everyone wants them to bring it back.. even though it is the same actor.

The same will happen with the Elder Scrolls VI but that is a story for another day

bmw4892444d ago

who's gonna be a dragon born on 11.11.11

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