CoD Modern Warfare 3 Estimated as Most Pre-Ordered Game Ever

Amazon's recent MW3 pre-order announcement coincides with analyst predictions and retailers worldwide estimating MW3 is the most pre-ordered game of all time.

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Skip_Bayless2445d ago

Suprising because the incentive to preorder from Amazon wasn't that great. It was $57 free shipping, one free xbox live avatar, and you get the "best videogame soundtrack music" for $3. There have been other games that offered $20 promotion discount. This is suprising considering the game is almost full price and still so many people preordered it from Amazon.

farhad2k82445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Every single MW3 article i go on N4G, it's FULL of hate. I'm talking Justin Bieber hate, I'm talking Kanye West dissing Taylor Swift hate. I'm talking Cher Lloyd hate.

It's disgusting. We are gamers, this website is called 'News 4 Gamers'. So why can't we just unite, and appreciate 'gaming' taking over the entertainment industry.
So people around the world can take us gamers seriously?

Sigh, right now, the 'Mad World' song fits my mood.
'Maaaad worlddddd...'

TheSanchezDavid2445d ago

Makes sense. I still don't like it. =P Still, for those who do, it's awesome to see this kind of support.

MysticStrummer2445d ago

Yet another green light for devs to recycle instead of improve. Great. Hooray for gaming.

Megaton2445d ago

Hardly surprising. Every 10 minutes my TV tells me "PRE-ORDER NOW FOR XBOX 360".

kma2k2445d ago

i could see that, i mean there is a lot of pepole i know that hardly ever touch there systems but they all know & love GTA

Skip_Bayless2445d ago

I think it's safe to say COD has currently become the biggest current generation franchise. Bigger than Madden, bigger than Halo, and bigger than GTA.

aman84r2445d ago

All my friends used to play gta up until 4 then they started to play counter strike and now everybody is hooked to COD.

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