DC Universe: Online - Concurrent playerbase increased by 1000%

DSOGaming writes: "Now that's impressive. A few days ago, DC Universe: Online switched to a free-to-play model and it managed to increase its playerbase with 120,000 new users in the 48 first hours. DC Universe: Online's success kept on going and SOE's CEO, John Smedley, tweeted that they are currently over 1000% of their pre-F2P concurrent numbers. Simply, WOW."

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maniacmayhem2267d ago

The power of FREE!

I'm one of those 120,000 that joined recently.

yesmynameissumo2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

The game is great (server issues aside). It's damn near crack.

EDIT: Depending on the Mentor and Powers you choose, there are a lot of options selectable. It is base, but as you level up, you can start selecting "iconic powers" (Superman Heat Vision, etc) and really start whoppin ass. An absolute blast. Hit me up, my character's name is The Reeker.

maniacmayhem2267d ago

I'm not going to lie, i was thrown off by the base powers they give you in the beginning. I was hoping for a wider selection. But i'm guessing those will come with dlc.

Also, the game isnt very intuitive but i think that has more to do with my lack of playing MMO's. In fact i have never played an mmo until this.

But i'll keep on it, i love comics and comic themed games.

ECM0NEY2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Its a good game for casual MMO play. If you play a lot you will blow threw all the content pretty quick.

Just a fyi Skill points is the new leveling after 30. To get skill points you have to unlock feats. Every 100 feat points you get 1 skill point.

Im up to 70 on my Mental controller
In game name is Swelly

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2267d ago

its Good. I personally paid $5 in the shop so i can become premium member for life for voice chat and bigger inventory but im sure you'll still like it i mean if you like RPG games that is.

Btw for anyone wondering, once your premium for premium member for life.

Shang-Long2267d ago

The game is actucally very fun. Made two charactors
Cryptic eagle (hero) batman and Dual X ( villain) lex
It's a blares on my hero I'm playing P vs e and my villain I'm PvsP
Two different experiences both fun and anyone should give it a go it's worth a try since its free

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Godmars2902267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Actually thinking about joining in and have the initial install downloaded. How big is the actual one w/updates and all? Can it be done in background?

Really have to wonder what this is going to do for FFXIV on the PS3. Especially as a $60 title you have to worry about with a monthly subscription besides.

BiggCMan2267d ago

The download for the game is like 150MB or something, real quick and easy and can always be done in the background like any download from the store. When you go into the game, you are hit with the 15GB update that you cannot do background download with. It sucks, it's painful, it's long, trust me, do it while you are sleeping.

gaden_malak2267d ago

The download put me off. However if I downloaded 5 GB and turned it off and went back it to later on, does it start at the 10GB mark or do it again?

fooltheman2266d ago

when you quit the downloader, it'll start downloading again where you've stopped....

Xenial2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I bet it did. xD
No one wants to pay $15 per month to play.
Was gonna download the F2P version but been busy. Skyrim is releasing in 2 days as well so i don't think i'll be getting to try DCUO anytime soon.

DarkBlood2267d ago

same here i just have it sitting in my ps3 harddrive after creating a character and played a tiny bit

because theres no way im going to beat the metal gear solid collection in time before skyrim lol then i have 3 more games to pick up few days shortly after then 2 more the week after that lol

r212267d ago

oh man, its NOT over 9000% good number none the less.

grailly2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

so there were about a 12000 players before that? O.O
not much...

ECM0NEY2267d ago

I believe it was 34k paying subs before F2P launched.

SageHonor2267d ago

I had too many problems getting into the servers unfortunately..

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