What you could be flying in GTA 5 - Official PlayStation Magazine UK

Official PlayStation Magazine UK compare fuselages to identify what planes are making trails in GTA 5. If flying is confirmed, it'll be in these babies.

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jessupj2444d ago

Wonder if they'll bring back the ol' Dodo for a laugh.

BlmThug2443d ago

That was a good plane for stunts

matey2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

With nearly a billion spent in R&D 4 3DS/WiiU you wouuld think 20/30 million to have GTA5 exclusive on WiiU isnt that far fetched plus im sure they maxed out 360 with GTA4 so maybe that trailer was WiiU Iwata said they have had there wallet out 4 big exclusives plus they have the far superior hardware in WiiU i think WiiU timed exclusive as its a new console there is nothing better than a new game hitting a new console on the market as it will sell tons even do a GTA5 pk i mean Nintendo have done alot of Game packs with 3DS imagine a GTA5 WiiU pk for £400 with 2 WiiU tablets day 1 for most people.