OXM: Skyrim - my eight greatest fears

OXM UK's Edwin writes: "Over the summer I wrote a feature about the 20 things Skyrim's missing, a playful look at how Bethesda has reshaped and clarified the new Elder Scrolls - not to be taken at face value, as many nonetheless did. The criticisms below, however, are things I'm genuinely worried about."

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dirigiblebill2414d ago

In some ways, I think Skyrim's its own worst enemy. You can't build 'em this big without getting something wrong. Not unless you bug- and design-test for a solid two years.

BrianC62342414d ago

Skyrim isn't it's own worst enemy. Bethesda's reputation on buggy games is. All of these games have released with a lot of bugs. Anyone who is worried about that should wait a month at least to let the bugs get worked out.

WhiteLightning2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

"Bethesda has sworn that no single character will be able to unlock all the abilities and perks"

I'm guessing you could unlock all of your chosen class and a few others here and there. I want to unlock of the theif ones and unlock so magic ones through out the game

I'm just scared the map won't be as big. I hope it's at least bigger then the Fallout New Vegas map, that map was dissapointing.

KonGreat2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Oh yeah, New vegas map felt so small compared to F3 (and that map was amazing!) NV wasn't as good, just because of the map.
But, i hope it's a lot more like Oblivion's map. :)

And bug wise I'm not too worried, heard that bethesda has a special bug test team. Or are atleast try a lot harder to eliminate the bugs this time around

Spitfire_Riggz2414d ago

Oblivion had a pretty big map!

PS3Freak2414d ago

My two greatest fears:

1. Not having enough time to play Skyrim due to school.
2. My grades because I'll play it as often as I want anyway.

Blackdeath_6632414d ago

my greatest fear:
is that bethesda will neglect the ps3 version. i really dnt want that to happen

Dowie2413d ago

Solid article.

I share most of these fears but none of them will actually ruin the game for me.

I'm pretty confident after seeing some gameplay videos that melee combat will feel similar to oblivion, i'm fine with that but they made such a big deal about how the combat would be amazing. The finishing moves are a nice touch but its weird slashing or smashing at someone without them even flinching or reacting.

The voice acting never dulled for me in oblivion, it's just something that doesn't bother me.

I'm also worried about the dungeons. There was a video of an interview with Todd about oblivion where he promised a lot and failed to deliver on most. I'm worried that 250+ dungeons will start feeling very similar despite bethesda suggesting they were all individually handcrafted to be unique. I'd liked to be proven wrong.

Bethesda are infamous for glitches but i've never had any gamebreaking effect from any of them. Will skyrim be the game that finally screws me over?

Too much ice and snow..? Yeah i'm kinda worried too. It's like the wastelands in fallout, you accept that the world is going to be like this but it'd be nice to see variety instead. Although bethesda have pointed out there will be variety so i'm not worried...much.

I want the dragons to show up at the worst possible time. Why the hell would I want them to arrive when i'm freshly suited up and feeling strong? It wouldn't give you any feeling of struggle or fear. Sure it'd be annoying but I can live with that.