Patch 1.05 details revealed for Dark Souls

Although the 1.04 patch still has not yet gone live in the west, From Software has revealed several new details regarding their upcoming 1.05 patch for their Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 action role-playing game, Dark Souls.

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Hitman07692447d ago

This should be pretty cool for everyone playing right now. Gotta love sum good ol support.

Games4M - Rob2446d ago

Misleading title - there are zero details revealed in this article other than a vague "they'll fix stuff"

Eromu2446d ago

Not true, they mentioned all the details they were given.

" will fix the online issues which summoning (summon signs being non-existent and resulting lack of players being summoned)."

That's specific and is the only thing that was mentioned on the Japanese blog for the game that they linked to.

mandf2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Another crap site posting links instead of actual news. Don't bother reading no patch details. Just a link to another site.

Hey SpaceSquirrel before you link crap at least make sure it actually has news. I can't believe you think links to other sites is news. Next time post the original link, but then again this is probably your site. You and your approvers should get your submitting rights revoked. Boosting your submission score lowers the quality of n4g.

zeddy2446d ago

bub bye unlimited souls glitch. i shall miss thee.

mandf2446d ago

Uninstall patch and it's there again. Reinstall patch and there will be cheaters again online

jerethdagryphon2446d ago

yes but once patched your game is converted to patched and wont run without it

Allowen2446d ago

All I know I will play DS offline if this patch will "fix "the infinite souls glitch.

The game is harder then Demon's Souls much because it is a lot harder and paintful to farm souls to level up and buy items .

I just don't want to stay playing this game for 6 months so I am using the glich to gain "cash " (souls ) to bu stuff and offcourse lv a few lvs from time to time .

Dark Souls is awesome but I just wanna play Skyrim asap and later on Mass Effect 3 (march/2012) .

From Software made this DS to feel almost as an MMoRPG where you takes months to grid to the high lv to be able to attend to raids .

And that I did not like because its world is hell smaller then an MMoRPG but then it is 10x harder to build "cash " and levels.

It was less painful to me to do corpse recovery (some times took hours and hours in some raids to do that )in games such Everquest 1 &2 then to do that in Darks Souls
That is because in EQ you did not lose all your cash and XP you were building for hours every time you die, like happens in DS.

Still Dark Souls is an awesome game and it became a lot more fun to me with the infinite Souls Glich.
And just to mention, I am a player that got platinum trophy on Demon's Souls without using any glich and it took me near 250 hours.
So if I am using the glich thing in Dark S. is because it is for sure necessary to prevent the huge amount of waisting time farming souls.To me that is.

BlackTar1872446d ago

Farming souls is actually part of the game. Its meant to be done.

Nevers2446d ago

What is this infinite souls glitch anyway? I'm at work and can't look it up.

I only know of killing the people in Darkroot garden for 6k per run... is it the same or is there something else that is even more "broken"?

zeddy2446d ago

thats where i was farming until i realised i needed 1,000,000 souls to upgrade my strength to 50 so i could use the Dragon Greatsword. the infinite souls glitch saved me a lot of pain and time.

Nevers2446d ago

And the glitch would be what?

TheDivine2446d ago

You get into a covenant under the hollow (past the second hydra) its a drogon covenant that gives you the dragon head. Then you spin around and press the button to use the dragon hed to spew fire but you switch to a soul and it keeps going up until you release the button.

Giru0172446d ago

I've beaten the game on lvl 15... There's no need to grind/farm anything. And it's nothing like a MMO, seriously.

BlackTar1872446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

i would like a picture of your new game plus with your lvl 15.

also is it a coincidence you happen to beat it at the same level as the video?

Just saying

Giru0172445d ago

Not like I really care if you believe me. The game on it's first run is a challenge (and maybe the first NG+). After that, it's easy since you already know the level layout and enemy positions and strategy.
Starting Class: Pyromancer
Gift: Master Key
Lvl 15 stats:
Vitality 16, attunment 2, endurance 11, strength 16, dexterity 13, resistance 12, intelligence 10, faith 8
Gear: Gravelord sword+5 [2 handed], grass crest shield, pyromancy flame+5 [ascended], gold hemmed hood, balder armor+10, hard leather gauntlets+10, antiquated skirt
Rigs: Havel Ring and Dark Wood Grain Ring
Spells: Fire Orb x2 / Fire Orb & Great Fireball
Time: Around 20 hours.

brish2443d ago


Go to youtube and search for this:
sl1 dark souls

sl1 = soul level 1

There are tons of people who beat the game without leveling a single level.

For something even scarier go to youtube and search for this:

sl1 dark souls ng+

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