(opinion piece) My Take On Modern Warfare 3 – A Gamer Girl’s Perspective

Krista from writes: Dont look at this as a review or even a preview, as I went out for the midnight launch and picked up Modern Warfare 3 overnight, but look at this as my “take” on where Call of Duty went and why I am ready to move on to better games. You heard me right. I will play the game fully to be able to do a full review but as of right now I’m ready to throw in the towel for the entire series.

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Canary2447d ago

Really? It took 3 whole games to reach this conclusion?


Also: no one cares about your gender.

iLL_Ranger2447d ago

I care about her gender. In fact, knowing she's a girl makes me not give to eff's about her review.

JK! but seriously...

Jobesy2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

Very in depth analysis. /s

Also its apparent you're also the editor because any real editor would have read it, stared at you for an awkward minute then said "what the hell is this!"

raWfodog2447d ago

For real. Her main gripe with a launch game is the lag? What in the history of any major multiplayer launch title suggested that she would not encounter lag in the first couple days. Maybe that's just my experience...

ikkokucrisis2447d ago

Article was written after they got owned and rage quit i bet!


they may have been playing me the other night... I got accused of cheating because I got loads of kills.

Cod has always had bad bullet lag. In my opinion though MW3 is a lot better then BLOPS as far as lag goes. i sold BLOPS about 3 weeks after I bought it because I just could not deal with it anymore and nobody seemed to care enough to want to address it.

0neShot2447d ago

This is more like a COD girl hater rant rather than a perspective.

WorldGamer2447d ago

Hmm... didn't seem all that bad to me. A bit thin on the content, but she did say that she was playing the game further to have a full review.

I think most of the hate above is more out of the fact that she is saying something negative about a game that is dear to them rather than anything she might have been saying wrong.

Her opinion is just as valid as any other person.

svoulis2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

I love how any game journalist would even consider writing a review about a game they have only "played a little of" when it came to single player. That shows where their heads are these days.

FOR ME personally, let me say that again personally, I was satisfied with the over all trilogy of the Modern Warfare campaign. I loved COD4 and this concludes the entire story.

About multiplayer lag is an issue but as every COD or any launch game will get fixed.

svoulis2447d ago

Yea if you press A(or x) really fast right after pressing start the menu comes up. It's kind of tricky but yeah it's there.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2447d ago

Likewise, I thought, for a shooter, it had quite a good story. I loved the ending and I'm glad they concluded it. No more questions, everything is done.