Diablo III Release Date Possibly Revealed

According to a Canadian Gamestop page, Diablo III has a release date slated February. This collector’s edition is being sold for $99.99.

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TheBeast2320d ago

Surprised they got the dates right this time

killyourfm2320d ago

Feb 1st is a wednesday....

lifesanrpg2320d ago

Isn't Skyrim coming out on a Friday?

PS3Freak2320d ago

Yes! :D

Diablo 3 and Skyrim aren't being held back by pathetic Tuesday releases.

DarkBlade46582320d ago

May not be the exact date, but it's probably around that time.

Pralay2320d ago

Gee golly, Blizzard should just release a date, don't ya know.

Relientk772320d ago

Diablo III, wooooo!

one of the only 2012 games I am 100% sure I'm getting

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The story is too old to be commented.