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Uncharted 3 may have its problems, but it's still an enticing roller-coaster ride throughout. The title never lives up to the verve of its middle brother, often clouding the boundary between engaging cinematic visuals and frustrating gameplay a little too far. It seems the comparison to Lara Croft isn't a weightless one, as her series also eventually suffered after some poor design choices. It's not his best showing, but Drake's third release is certainly a worthwhile addition to the series, even if it's just to witness the set-pieces alone.

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Hands Up For Games2444d ago

To be fair, I dont really look at review scores.

So far, Ive loved Gears 3, Batman and now UC3.

Id give top marks to them all :)

iamnsuperman2444d ago

I looked at the score to see what the review was like and to be honest it is a good review. Forgetting the score the reviewer had issues he addressed correctly. I think it is better but I am glad someone gives a good reason for the score and reviews a game properly (unlike the AV club review)

StraightPath2444d ago

8/10 would be better however maximum a 9/10 in my opinion a great game and going for the platnuim after that i dont see me ever coming back to it with games like Skyrim , Zelda Skyward Sword coming out.

kikizoo2444d ago

ridiculous troll, uncharted has more 10/10 than most of the games, enough said, stop trying to downplay games you can't play.

FlameBaitGod2444d ago

Like someone here said "while MW3 with its recycled buildings, same gameplay, short campaign gets a 10/10" Games like this get criticized for every stupid thing

--Onilink--2444d ago

Yeah because u3 Didnt get 10s from a ton of websites right....?? You said it yourself.. You critize mw3 for those issues and say that it deserves lower scores, but if someone complains about those issues in uncharted he cant lower the score?? Your argument makes no sense at all

E2M2444d ago

a 7.5 is ridiculously low, for me the lowest would consider an 8, by no means is this game perfect but a 7.5 is giving out the wrong message. There's no real explanation to the issues the reviewer is having problems with. Yh everyone's entitled to their opinion but this is just the odd one out

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majiebeast2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Joke of a review.

Drekken2444d ago

Its funny with all of these people defending lower scores as "their opinion", but when people who have actually played the game say - No way, this game is at its lowest point is a 9... That opinion isn't valid.

Hypocrits to the max. I don't care if this is this guys opinion. It is my opinion anyone giving UC3 under a 8.5 is a hater with biased motives.

PetitPiPi2444d ago

Well then. I guess your opinion isn't valid because you've proven to be biased on a regular basis. ;)

Jury2444d ago

GTFO with your review/opinion

PetitPiPi2444d ago

Just a thought. Maybe you should take your own advice? :S

Krew_922444d ago

While 7.5 is a pretty good score, and I'm not complaining. I have a strong feeling this website will give Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 a slightly higher score.

Although reviews are opinions, and anyone can say anything they want.

iamnsuperman2444d ago

"Although reviews are opinions". They shouldn't really because then the reviews have little credibility because they cannot relate to everyone. But then it is hard to have a review not based on opinion.

Krew_922444d ago

In my opinion reviews shouldn't really try to relate to everyone. Some people enjoy certain games, and others not so much. I do agree though, there should be a border between opinion, and a certain criteria of a game. Such as graphics and gameplay.

coolbeans2444d ago

It's not hard to have a review not based on opinion, it's not possible. Although I can agree with your sentimentality, no one here can tell me there's such a thing as an objective review.

Focus2444d ago

It baffles me tilt people cannot wrap their minds around the simple fact that SOME people enjoy other games more than they do YOUR favourite game. It isn't enough that the game has had many many perfect scores and is higher than MW3 on metacritic, no, EVERYBODY just HAS TO score the game you like more sam the game you don't.

CynicalVision2444d ago

Is this site actually on Metacritic?

2444d ago
CynicalVision2444d ago


Thanks for replying.

75 is still a pretty decent score and since the site is on Metacritic then at least it'll be in the green and not the yellow score bracket.

SonyNGP2444d ago

I really don't see why some people are scared poopless if it's gonna somehow "affect" the game's Metacritic score. We've all played the game by now, and we all know it's awesome. People need to stop worrying about e-peens.

Focus2444d ago

Wow. Sad that colours matter to you like that.

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