Chrono Cross Now Available on the PlayStation Network

Square Enix has announced that Chrono Cross is now available to download on the PlayStation Network.

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Canary2359d ago

Considering buying this. Loved Trigger, never played cross.

Anyone able to tell me if the game is riddled with the same awful load times that plague PSN release of Chrono Trigger?

And what's the deal with the artwork? Please don't tell me they went with "generic 90s anime" style instead of staying with Toriyama's awesome stuff.

Enigma_20992359d ago

What did YOU expect for $10?

YES, I got my copy at retail for $10.

Enigma_20992358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

What the hell? You guys mad because I got my copy for $10? That was the retail price! The game was basically a love letter from the devs to us. Seasoned with Salt and Peppor!

Even got a Soundtrack CD in the deal.

Hicken2359d ago

I can't recall any anime-style artwork for Cross. But nor do I remember Toriyama's art, either.

Here's an image I snatched up of the characters. Doesn't really look like anime. And the characters are done in CG in-game..

Bimkoblerutso2359d ago

I'll just tell you that I can be a little....I guess "bitchy" is the word, when it comes to generic anime design, but Chrono Cross doesn't bother me.

And no, the load times are just fine here. The long load times were present in the original Playstation re-release of Chrono Trigger. It had nothing to do with poor emulation, btw.

Also, I can't honestly say I liked the game better than Trigger (because...I mean, it's Chrono Trigger), but it was absolutely one of the best RPG's on the original Playstation. I'll just inform you ahead of time, though. The characters are kind of pushed to the backburner in Cross because there's just so many of them. I actually consider the story more engrossing and better told than in Trigger, but character wise you're not going to get what you got out of Trigger.

Hope that helped! You'll love the game, I'm sure of it.

knifefight2358d ago

Trigger had bad load times on PSN because the PSX version was a bad port.

Chrono Cross is not a port and suffered nothing out of the ordinary on PSX so....

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Chrono2359d ago

That's my fav JRPG ever (I played 100s of them).

WildArmed2358d ago

The OST for CC is simply amazing.

It's one of the best games I've played easily.
And after a game like Chrono Trigger, it's hard to believe they were able to pull of such a capable sequel!

kma2k2359d ago

Chrono Trigger is by far one of the best games ever made, i enjoyed Chrono Cross but it isnt even in the same league to trigger.

floetry1012359d ago

This was never released in Australia and I only ever got to enjoy this game at a friends house every now and then.

One of the most underrated masterworks in gaming history.

To all Australians, please pick it up.

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