Gamers Already Getting Their Hands On Skyrim

Ben from StickTwiddlers writes: "During my daily trawl of r/gaming, I came across a thread simply titled “I have no idea why it’s already released today, but i’m not complaining” with an image attached. The image attached is of a PS3 copy of Skyrim."

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rabidpancakeburglar2173d ago

I think I'm getting my pre-ordered copy tomorrow so yay, but if not then it'll be 2 days of curling in a ball and waiting.

yess2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Publisher's should change the release date to, release week.

Every game with a specific release date, i can pick up as soon as it hit the stores, which mean 2 to 3 days before release.

Enate2173d ago

I agree its stupid how sometimes the game has been in the store for like a week. An you still have to wait when its like 10 feet from you in a box.

pangitkqb2172d ago

I wish I already had my hands on Skyrim. The wait is KILLING ME.

MajorJackHoff2172d ago

This doesn't really make sense.. The start of the release week would technically be the release day, right? Or..

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SITH2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

I got one friend on Xbox live who gets absolutely every game he wants early. A store he buys from ignores all release dates. He has been playing skyrim and modern warfare 3 since Saturday.

Blackdeath_6632173d ago

the pic of the ps3 copy looks fake cus of the faint line under it should be a little lower down. anyhow he has benifit of the doubt if it is real i really wanna see what ps3 footage looks like.

Breostag2173d ago

WOOHOO I'm one of the lucky few :D

Breostag2172d ago

God i hate steam it won't let me install the game until 11/11 GAH --'

banjadude2173d ago

I don't think I'll get my copy until next week :(

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