Modern Warfare 3 PC: Graphics Comparison - Minimum vs. Maximum Settings

PC Games shows the differences between minimum and maximum graphics settings in Modern Warfare 3.

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arnyftw2355d ago

What is the point of this? They'res a clear difference but judging by those graphics the system requirements are probably the same as cod 4. Any pc can run this maxed.

ATi_Elite2354d ago

I gonna be honest here.....I've played Free 2 Play PC games that look better than MW3 PC!

The upcoming F2P Blacklight Retribution looks better than MW3.

yeh yeh blah blah blah graphics are not everything blah blah Minecraft has 4 million Beta units sold I know but COD needs to seriously upgrade especially when F2P games look better than it.

I'm just sayen

Rettom2354d ago

Except mine. Hehehehe
64 MBs of memory :p

Stuart57562355d ago

Looks like the PS3/360 comparisons of Battlefield 3!

2355d ago
EtienneAnt2355d ago

I am glade that the requirement are this low because,then all my mates and I can play it and if the graphics are good ill practice till I drop dead so keep up the good work...

CoryHG2354d ago

If you have a PC and don't have Battlefield over COD, you should do bodily injury to yourself.

ATi_Elite2354d ago

I agree if you have a capable PC and do not have BF3 well then this is your training video!