IGN: Need for Speed ProStreet DS Review, Videos and Screens

The Nintendo DS is not lacking in racing games, and it's certainly not lacking in good racing games: Mario Kart DS is still among the tops, and this holiday season alone has seen the release of the impressive Race Driver: Create and Race hit the system. But when it comes to conversions of console racers (or any game for that matter), even if the game's impressive for Nintendo DS standards, it's hard to make the argument to spend the dough on the portable version over the PlayStation/Xbox/Wii editions. Need for Speed ProStreet ended up a really good product on the Nintendo DS. It's a modest success with its fair share of pros and a handful of cons, but for the most part the development team's showing that it's getting more comfortable with the DS platform with every project it helms.

Overall score: 7.9/10

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