Battlefield 3 Flashlights Finally Get Their Brightness Lowered

Bryce Wilson writes: "One of my biggest annoyances in Battlefield 3 to date is people shining their lights in my eyes. Laser beams, flashlights, laser beams and flashlights, it's almost like being inside a Star Wars movie.

Well DICE has come to the rescue and provided images of an upcoming hotfix to lower the brightness of your teammates lights when shone in your direction."

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GunofthePatriots2324d ago

if this was capcom they wouldve released sunglasses DLC for 1$

SKUD2324d ago

Polarized sunglasses for 4800 MS points.

Kreyg2324d ago

Come on guys, be realistic here. They'd only release it as an avatar item...

KwietStorm2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Finally. Can't stand those things.

What happened to my bubbles?? What the hell do you have to so around here to gain bubbles? Hack the site? That's why I don't even like commenting on here. You can't say anything without getting stealth trolled. You don't take away a bubble just because you disagree with someone. That's what disagree is for.

ambientFLIER2324d ago

Generally not being a dbag helps...


b163o12324d ago

Tactical advantage IMO. Blind you then, unload on you.

consolez_FTW2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

finally those annoying flash lights get fixed. It was like looking at the sun through a scope when close range.

GrumpyVeteran2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Good fix.

You lose a bubble when you have an opinion.

I said the PS3 is an outdated piece of shit, so I lost a bubble. I then said the Xbox 360 is also a piece of shit, so I lost a bubble.

Long live PC gaming.

gcolley2323d ago

they don't like conversations on here or somethin??

SH0CKW4VE2323d ago

ANY form of democracy is flawed.

Reason? every idiot and moron has an opinion, why do you think the politicians who sell a life style get elected and not the ones who want to make a difference (if there is any).

You can make the most intelligent or structured argument to criticuse anything on here and you will get anihilated by faboys left right and centre.

I said the Vita looks uncomfortable and I lost a bubble, I criticised Microsofts unwllingness to go open platofrm...I lost a bubble, I said uncharted 3 seemed overated to me and I lost a bubble.

Lesson learnt here this is the internet, any moron has access to it and your not allowed to have an opinion.

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franko2324d ago

What about squad chat on ps3? They should fix it yesterday!!!

Avernus2324d ago

DICE said they are away of the problem, and are working on it. Twitter BF if you have any questions. They reply pretty quickly.

SITH2324d ago

That flashlight is definitely annoying. It is so stupid it was brighter than the sun in the game.

bumnut2323d ago

Agreed, they should blind you in a dark tunnel but not outside in bright sunlight.

SignifiedSix2324d ago

thank God! I was sick of my teammates flashing my damn eyes with their nuclear flashlights.

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