Activision fails to prepare for Modern Warfare 3 launch

Alongside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's launch today, Activision also launched Call of Duty Elite. But there are some server issues on PS3 and Xbox 360. The team behind Call of Duty Elite is working on fixes for these issues, as they confirm via Twitter.

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s8anicslayer2268d ago

They don't care just show them the money.

MajorJackHoff2268d ago

The only part of the title that registered in my brain was "Activision fails".

chriski3332268d ago

Yup so true I played a few games last nite and let me tell u its fun but nothing new easy kills easy wins cheap trill u know like cheap whore that u know puts out but same old poon taco

bub162268d ago

Yup these whores have been around ever since money was invented and we still aren't bored of them.

I'm guessing COD will be the same now

farhad2k82268d ago

Online play hasn't been a problem for me so far, Why should we go on ELITE when we haven't even got stats to show? Play first!! Then go on ELITE!!
For once, CoD has made it easy for me to find robust matches on day one, BF3 failed that and still fails, I still can't find a robust match on that game!

mike_d_2268d ago

Oh really? U can't find a match on BF3? I've had the game since day 1 and have had no issues with connection or finding matches.So you can go bash BF3 somewhere else because it won't work here.

majiebeast2268d ago

Big surprise they got your money already sheeple/cod lemmings. What did you expect they actually care about if it works?

Grimhammer002268d ago

Ummm, you fools love your haterade!

Think about it. Elite is a new revenue stream that Actibitch wants. Do you think they don't care?!!!

They have future games to convince us to sub up for.

csreynolds2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

The launch of every CoD game is problematic. I'm not surprised at all... #cynicalgamer

Drabent2268d ago

Woot I knew to rent this crap lol me no CoD sheep!

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