Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Videos

Two videos showing the multiplayer gameplay of COD MW3.

- Team Deathmatch
- Hardcore Kill Confirmed (Seatown)

Compared to other games like BF3 and U3, the graphic is not as sharp but the smooth 60 framerate cancels that out.
As usual, gameplay is streamlined so effectively, easy to get into the action without much hassle.

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rezzah2386d ago

Wth nothing has really changed, what a huge let down. they should call it MW 2.5.

I'll still play the story since i know my brothers are getting it, even if they know it's a bad game (or has become worse overtime) they still get it since their friends all get it too. Which could mean that people buy it because a large population they know are buying it, that way they can all play together. I believe this is what COD has going for it, it'll be interesting to see how long it takes and how it will exactly die out.

However i can easily see Activision putting a large sum of money into the COD to come after the one which receives poor sales in comparison to the previous CODs. they'll likely tell IW to make a new engine, thus a COD with better textures, maybe destructible environments, and better visuals. The gameplay style is more likely to remain the same.

Janitor2386d ago

MW 2.5? Wow, haven't heard that one before, did you stay up all night thinking of that?

Have you ever stopped to think the reason he and all of his friends get it is because it's fun? Isn't that what games are all about?

"I believe this is what COD has going for it"
Yeah, they make a product, and then try to sell it to as many people as possible to make a profit. Shocking.

rezzah2386d ago

Yea, that is if you refer to 1 second as a whole night.

My reasoning, based on my brothers opinions (my guess being that you have none since you can't understand this logic), is that despite KNOWING how bad the game is they will still get it since many of their friends are getting it. This could be the same for others too, and I don't doubt that possibility being that 9 million or so pre-ordered this game.

Bathyj2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Is this how games mostly play out.

I dont play online and this is why.

Its all just run and gun, everyones out for themselves.

I like SP because I like observe guards on patrol and pick the best moment to attack. I like to be sneaky. I dont see any of that in MP.

I'm not knocking it, you guys are welcome to it, simply commenting on why I'm not.

I've liked all the CoD games, (except 3) and I havent gotten to caught up in all the CoD bashing the last couple of years, because I only play the SP and they've all been pretty good. 90% of the complaint about this (and most) games come from balancing issues of some kind with the MP aspect of it.

TheFreak2386d ago

It depends if you team up with people that know how to play the game the issue is fixed. Run and gun people that only think about themselves and their k/d are in all online shooters.

They are in killzone, battlefield and so on.

rezzah2386d ago

True they are in those games you stated (and more), but unlike them both, COD does not promote team play. rather the perks and killstreaks allow you, the player, to become your own army. On the other hand, being an engineer (example) in KZ3 or BF3 would be helpful, but more so tot he team as a whole rather than just yourself.

In the end COD promotes one-man armies whereas other FPS (not all) promote team play (as seen in amount of points gained for specified reasons and specific classes that aid others).

banner2386d ago

You havnt tried it online! Just give it a real shot...

Im not into mp much my self either but cod is just quick easy fun. It's fun for all the reasons ppl on here hate it, just mindless run and gun. It's a good break from the do it all your self great games.

Cod isn't the best fps in my book but I would rank it as one of the best in controller and ranking system. I think that's what hooked me.. The control feels tight compared to a game like kz3 that feel loose.

Bathyj2386d ago

I playing the SP, and one thing I dont like about it is it far too easy to aim. Theres no waver or bob or movement on the crosshairs at all.

Compared to other games where there is slight movement, or the older Battlefields that felt like you swore you had a headshot but you just rushed it and didnt get the hit.

CoD just feels to easy, and the Autosnap aim assistance is a joke and always has been. Please tell me at lease that disabled on MP, it requires no skill at all. I hit targets I didnt even see till they fell over before I turn aim Assist off.

Also, after playing Killzone and Brothers in Arms, I really wish the cover system was just standard. I suppose some games dont need it, but having to uncrouch, shoot and them crouch again feel cumbersome and so outdated. Being in cover and leaning with the stick is a much better way of doing it.

banner2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

I agree with the cover system. I know others have done it before but when gears of war came out it always felt like all shooters should have a cover system, whether it's 1st or 3rd person.

As for the control I don't think mp has aim assist I don't have the game yet but I'm sure you can turn aim assist of.IMO that's what makes cod good, its easy. That's what makes it perfect for the Arcady feel/ gameplay but that in no way means that you will be the best at it in mp.

Cod is what I described it as before, just pointing that you may have fun but If all you can stand to play is games like kz3 then stay away. Cod is more like burnout while kz3 is more like gt. Some can play and appreciate both for what they are and others can only get used to one, understandable...

At the end of the day it's just a video game... It's just a matter of getting used the aiming rather than skills. I would consider throwing a curveball skill not aiming down a gun on your tv.

trenso12386d ago

nothing has changed even the sounds are the same. i am in no rush to get this now hell i probably get ff13-2 before i get this or maybe a 3DS its just not worth it. even a cod fanboy can see its just like mw2

rezzah2386d ago

The major changes are basically gun shot sounds, I personally think they have more of a "punch" in comparison to MW2. Also...well I was going to say the textures have improved, but really all they did was use the same structures with different colour variations.

As a whole this game represents more of a MW2.5 than a 3, as it never made any drastic changes since COD4. They just added more details, like adding many lines to a drawing in order to stand out further, to make it appear more real.

trenso12386d ago

I read your whole comment and basically to me it was copy and paste but the they put a gold star on it so we would know the difference

Nes_Daze2386d ago

If this sucks, I can only imagine the WW2 shooter that'll come after this, not that it matters since fans gobble it up and ask for nothing.

Hazmat132386d ago

G36C is beast but i prefer the G36E.