BBC Wants to Film Underage Modern Warfare 3 Gamers

SPOnG: "Just when you start to believe that mainstream media is taking the computer games industry seriously, in comes the BBC fresh off the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The broadcaster is looking for someone under the age of 18 to film and talk about the adult shooter."

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Tired2442d ago

Good...maybe footage of screaming swearing psycho racist homophobic 13 yr olds might shock parents into actually doing some ruddy parenting for once.

Who knows maybe the online space might become a nicer place to be...we can only hope.

zerocrossing2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

I think your gonna be disappointed.

Any negativity, in any form coming from the person they interview will probably just be spun back on the the games industry, they'll likely claim the reason the child is acting in such a manner is directly attributed to the games they play.

Don't forget the games industry is evil right? the cause of all the ill's in the world, as far as the media s concerned at least.

Tired2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

'they'll likely claim the reason the child is acting in such a manner is directly attributed to the games they play.'

They could have a point... children's minds/brains are very different to adults in the way information/emotions are processed and how they react to the world at large because of the various stimuli they have received thus far.

They are still developing...these games are 18 for a reason. They should not be playing them. It's much harder for a game to receive an 18 rating than a movie for example due to the fact the protagonists are virtual...

If Tom and Jerry was made live action with people instead of cartoons it would be regarded as sick.

In the UK you have to be 18 to drink, children shouldn't do it. They are still developing and drink could harm that wouldn't sit your 13 yr old down with a bottle of scotch. Why should emotional development be seen as different from the physical? You need both to become a well rounded individual.

Whilst some cultures encourage drinking like the French...they'll have a little watered down wine with a meal...they are taught to drink responsibly in a family environment. Some say that works some don't.

I don't believe these kids are being taught anything responsibly, they are being left alone to their own devices. Perhaps if the parents gamed with their children it would be a different story.

I don't really game online...I tried COD on xbox once with my nephew and was thoroughly disgusted at what I heard on the headset. It's not just potentially damaging imagery that they are subjecting themselves to...It's a constant stream of vitriolic bile and hate in aural form.

Tell a child it's stupid enough...the child will act stupid. Teach it to'll end up with a hateful person.

Rant over....But children should not be playing these games period. In my opinion.

And yes...I blame the parents.

Edit* But the media's vilification of gaming in general is getting old. I wish they would stop the sensationalism of it all too. But perhaps if people kept to age appropriate content...the whole argument would be rendered moot.

kneon2442d ago

I'm fine with showing that kind of footage so long as they then confront the parents to find out why they are letting their 13 year old kids play this game.

For some kids it's not going to pose any problems at all, but from what I've seen of their online behaviour there are plenty that just shouldn't be playing such games.

zerocrossing2442d ago

The BBC wants to interview a gamer who plays MW3 who is under the age of 18?.

What could possibly go wrong? Oh, yeah.. Never mind.

majiebeast2442d ago

So thats basicly the entire playerbase?

XGN_Alex2442d ago

6 o clock news will be interesting!

bub162442d ago

why so they can have another dig at gamers saying gaming is taking over are life. blah blah blah. damn u bbc >: (

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