Deal Match: Amazon Offers $50 Credit on $249 PS3 160GB Console, $199 Xbox 360 4GB Console

"This week, Amazon has price matched the Target $50 promo on the 160GB PS3 Console for $249.99, and the 4GB Xbox 360 Console for $199.99!"

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demonddel2298d ago

i want that 299.99 360 or the 399.99 bundle can I get a $50 discount too.

ForROME2298d ago

I picked an Xbox this weekend, Best Buy had a 1 day sale any Holiday Bundle came with a 100 dollar gift card, I snagged the Kinect bundle

ForROME2298d ago

they need a stand alone 250Gb at 249

Solidus187-SCMilk2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

im not the one who disagreed could just buy the 199$ one and use the 50$ giftcard toward the HD. Since Amazon sells the 250gb HD for less than 100$ at all times, it would actually be slightly cheaper for you to do this instead of buying one at 250$ even.

But I do agree that MS should have dropped the prices by now. I think MS will be dropping the prices early next year. i also think they should put at least 100gb in the cheapest one and get rid of the 4gb. They only prevent people from buying and enjoying online stuff from them and are hurting themselvs by not including a decent HD with the cheapest one. If all xboxes had HDs then the digital sales would probably be at least a little bit better, especially in regards to games on demand that take up much more space than arcade games.

Anyways, with all these great deals, now is a great time for anyone to get a PS3 or 360 if they havent yet.

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Goozex2298d ago

Sweet deal on the ps3! Going to get my third one and place it in the living room. Lol, man I luv deals.

gamingdroid2298d ago

I wasn't expecting the PS3 to have a $50 GC on top of the recent price cut. The PS3 doesn't get much cheaper than that. It's a steal if you ask me.

Rageanitus2298d ago

I got a sweet deal today.

Uncharted 3 320 gb Bundle with MW3 included.