Third Time’s A Charm? Uncharted 3 Single Player [TPV] Review

TPV: "Nathan Drake sets out on his third adventure and it is probably his most glorious and stylish yet. The third game in the series from the Sony exclusive game by developers Naughty Dog, previous games including the Crash Bandicoot series and Jak and Daxter series. Yes, Naughty Dog have given us now a iconic character for each of Sony’s home console platforms. Frankly they should be proud of pretty much every game they’ve put out. Uncharted 3 is no exception, minus a few flaws this is probably the headstone in Sony’s crown."

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ginsunuva2448d ago

Isn't that phrase used if the other two times were failures?

ElDorado2448d ago

Why all the hate on the story? I thought it was great, maybe you just expected too much. Drake Fortune's story is still the best, but this is still amazing.

kramun2448d ago

Bought this today, really enjoying it but the aiming is a bit off. Over than that it's great.